One of the most common vegetables in the average Russian garden, without a doubt, is the cucumber. Though its historic homeland is in the distant tropics, green "alien" was able to take root and in Russia. Probably, this is due to the presence in its structure of such beneficial for well being components, such as:

- potassium;
- iron;
- iodine;
- vitamins C, B1, P, B2;
- tartronovaya acid.

Cucumbers is essential for health...

Without exaggeration it should be noted that cucumbers are a real treasure for the person who decided to improve (or maintain) their health. The reason for this effect is the purest, most useful for good health water, which vegetable is at 95%.

So cucumbers are the best friends of people who need to reduce weight. They help quickly enough, and valuable tartronovaya acids to prevent formation of unnecessary fat in the body, thus, preventing falls in there carbohydrates.

In diseases of the liver and kidneys this vegetable will be a wonderful natural remedy that possesses bile and diuretic and antipyretic effect of cucumber juice seen in Ancient Egypt. Eating cucumbers is recommended as patients of a cardiological profile, and those who suffer from skin diseases.

Also noticed this unique feature of cucumbers, like the ability to remove from the body harmful substances, helping in case of poisoning. Eating cucumbers contributes to quality improvement of metabolic processes and stabilization of glucose levels in the blood (which is important in diabetes).

Fresh cucumber juice, in turn, in addition to reduce too high temperature, shown for use in a number of diseases of the respiratory system and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

...and for beauty.

Cosmetic properties of cucumber cannot be overstated, as these vegetables are part of most Facials. Having bleaching and toning effect, cucumber is able to give the skin freshness and radiance and in some cases even rejuvenate. Regular use of this "green doctor" allows us to reduce freckles, get rid of acne and also reduce swelling under the eyes.

Those who wish to get rid of cellulite, you can chop the cucumbers to a pulp and rubbed the substance directly into problem areas.

But the most important advantage of this vegetable is its availability to various segments of the population, as the cucumbers grow as in suburban areas, and are widely sold in the markets. Just keep in mind that greenhouse vegetables are less useful than the one that grew directly on the ground.