Benefits of cucumber for skin

The chemical composition of cucumber is diverse: here there are the b vitamins, C, P, proteins, sugars, iodine, carotene, mineral salts, enzymes and other active components. That's why the cucumber perfectly eliminates puffiness and refreshes the skin and moisturizes it. And he has calming, anti-inflammatory, bleaching and softening properties. Present in its composition, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to accelerate cell regeneration.

Cucumber at home prepared all kinds of cosmetic products: toners, masks, lotions, etc. And make homemade cucumber cosmetics for any skin type: oily, dry, sensitive, normal and even oily skin.

Cucumber cosmetic homemade for dry skin

To moisturize dry skin recommend the use of a cosmetic compound consisting of these components:
- few drops of lemon juice;
- 1-2 fresh cucumber.

Cucumbers clear from the skin, then crushed on a fine grater or in a blender. Further enrich the cucumber pulp with lemon juice. Put weight on the skin, leave the paste for 17-20 minutes and the wash water of a comfortable temperature.

It is also useful to wipe a skin tonic for cooking that will need these ingredients:
- glass of milk;
- half of untreated from the skin of fresh cucumber.

Cucumber cut into thin slices, pour boiling milk, after which the mixture is put on a small fire and cook for 3-5 minutes. Then the milk-cucumber broth is cooled and filtered: the tonic is ready.

Cucumber for oily skin

Amazing effects of cucumber for oily skin: cosmetic products based on it help to normalize sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation, tone the skin, etc.

To prepare cucumber mask for oily skin type, take the products:
- oatmeal;
fresh cucumber.

Cucumber peel from the skin and rubbed on a fine grater. Then the pulp is mixed with oatmeal (to get a creamy mass). Apply the mixture on the skin and leave for 18-20 minutes. Weekly recommended to do 2 such procedures.

And to prepare a tonic for oily skin will need ingredients:
- 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice;
- 150 ml of vodka;
- 1 tbsp grated lemon peel;
- 3 tbsp shredded cucumber pulp;
- 50 ml of mineral water;
- 1 tsp of honey;
- egg protein.

Cucumber pulp mix with lemon peel and lemon juice. The mixture is then poured vodka, poured in a container of dark glass, tightly stoppered and left to brew for 18-20 days. After the infusion is filtered, enriched mineral water, beaten egg whites and honey. This tonic is recommended to apply to the skin twice a day. The effect is stunning: disappear an unhealthy luster, and the skin will have a gorgeous color and beautiful appearance.