Famous croutons "Kirieshki" are the dried pieces of bread with spices. For its preparation we use a special bread, the structure of which is such that it is made of crackers, it retains crisp properties long enough. But for cooking "Keresek" at home, you can choose any bread.

Having prepared the "Kirieshki" at home, when they are used not to fear that, together with the dried bread in the stomach will get harmful substances. The basis in the preparation of branded product is sodium glutamate, which is highly ambiguous.

How to cook "Kirieshki" at home

To prepare at home "Kirieshki", you will need the following products:
- white bread;
- soup seasoning, which is incorporated in the flavoring and salt.

You will also need a Board and knife, a Cup with a deep bottom, slatted tray in order to dry the crackers – instead, you can use a baking sheet. Well, if the house has a furnace with a special air circulation, but it will do in a pinch standard microwave or oven.

After prepared all the ingredients and utensils, you can move on to the actual cooking of crackers. To do it approximately in the following order:

Bread cut into cubes – 7-12 mm. Cubes of bread folded into a deep bowl. Sprinkle the bread soup seasoning with vigorous stirring. Make sure to salt did not work too much. To control should from time to time with bread cubes to remove test. Thus prepared cubes be placed evenly thin layer on a baking sheet or pan. Place the baking sheet with bread cubes in the oven.

How to monitor the cooking process

Different crackers will be a different cooking time. When you first experience some time to monitor readiness. If the crackers are cooked in the microwave, they should from time to time to mix. When dried in the oven down under lattice tray, place empty baking sheet in order to prevent the ingress of crumbs on the bottom. When drying is over, the crackers should be cool. This operation should be carried out at room temperature.

Eat crackers so, like someone loves them in salads or soups, someone eating just the seeds. Some love the "Kirieshki" with beer. Now you can enjoy delicious crackers, and cooked at home.