Advice 1: Roll of pita bread with crab sticks

Roll of lavash will delight at the table the whole family and your guests.
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
You will need
  • - lavash - 2 sheets
  • - crab sticks - 1 pack
  • - Russian cheese - 300 grams
  • - garlic (cloves) - 3 cloves
  • - dill 6 sprigs
  • - mayonnaise - 300-400 grams
Grate on a coarse grater crab sticks. Add 150 grams of mayonnaise. Mix well.
Grate cheese on a coarse grater and garlic into small. Mix separately prepared dishes cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Finely chop the greens.
On a flat surface lay the first sheet of lavash. Put on it the resulting crab mixture well and flatten the surface. Put another sheet lavash on top. Him put the cheese mass and also flatten the surface.
Sprinkle the top sheet of lavash with dill and roll into a roll. The resulting roll is put in a plastic bag and put into the refrigerator for two hours. Before serving, slice the cylinder. Bon appetit.
Will not overdo the roll in the fridge, otherwise it will soften.

Advice 2: Rolls of pita

To prepare the rolls of pita breadand used the Armenian thin bread, which wraps the filling. It may consist of a variety of ingredients, ranging from meat or fish to vegetables. And thanks to the sauce that penetrates the pita bread, the dish turns out very juicy.
Rolls of pita

Roll of pita with fish


- canned fish (preferably salmon) - 1 Bank;
- pita bread - 3 pieces;
- cheese - 200 grams;
- eggs - 3 pieces;
- garlic - 4 cloves;
- greens and mayonnaise - to taste.

You need to chop herbs and garlic, then mix them with the mayonnaise. This mass should be spread on a piece of pita bread. The ingredients you need on top sprinkle with grated cheese, flatten and cover with the second sheet, greased with mayonnaise.

Next, you need to drain the canned liquid and mash fish with a fork. The eggs should cook hard-boiled and finely chopped. Then need to put these ingredients over the layer of cheese and close the third sheet of lavash. The resulting pellet roll into a tight roll and squeeze it press. Next dish to put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

The pita should be served, cut into small slices with a thickness of 1-3 cm.

Veggie wraps, pita


- mushrooms (fresh) - 250 grams;
- pita - 1 piece;
- carrot (large) - 1 piece;
- onions - 2 pieces;
- sour cream - 100 grams;
- ketchup - 100 grams;
- greens - to taste.

Onions and mushrooms should be cut into cubes, carrots - coarsely grate. These ingredients should be fried in vegetable oil and add to the greens. The pita should be lubricated with a mixture of ketchup and sour cream. You can then put the vegetable filling and roll the tortilla into a roll. Dish need two hours to put in the fridge. This dish is light and low in calories.

Vegetable rolls are not only delicious, but also useful as natural products contains lots of vitamins.

Roll with crab sticks


- crab sticks - 300 g;
- pita bread - 3 pieces;
- cheese - 200 grams;
- eggs - 6 pieces;
- garlic - 5 cloves;
- dill - 2 beam.

Preparation of this dish consists of several stages.

Mix chopped crab sticks, garlic and mayonnaise to make a not too liquid consistency. The ingredients should be spread on the first sheet of the future rolls on top and cover with lavash.

You must mince the hard-boiled eggs and fill them with mayonnaise. Next you need to put this mass on the second sheet of lavash, covering the top third. The layers should be aligned so that the filling was evenly distributed.

Then we mix the dill and mayonnaise, brushing them on top of the resulting cake.

The dish need to roll the short side into a log, wrapped it in foil. He should be in the form of a thick sausage. The dish should be put in 6 hours in the refrigerator. It comes out very hearty.

Recipe rolls can be changed to your own taste. For example, instead of the usual canned food to make gourmet stuffed red fish or caviar.
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