You will need
  • - lavash - 2 sheets
  • - crab sticks - 1 pack
  • - Russian cheese - 300 grams
  • - garlic (cloves) - 3 cloves
  • - dill 6 sprigs
  • - mayonnaise - 300-400 grams
Grate on a coarse grater crab sticks. Add 150 grams of mayonnaise. Mix well.
Grate cheese on a coarse grater and garlic into small. Mix separately prepared dishes cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Finely chop the greens.
On a flat surface lay the first sheet of lavash. Put on it the resulting crab mixture well and flatten the surface. Put another sheet lavash on top. Him put the cheese mass and also flatten the surface.
Sprinkle the top sheet of lavash with dill and roll into a roll. The resulting roll is put in a plastic bag and put into the refrigerator for two hours. Before serving, slice the cylinder. Bon appetit.