Speaking of applesauce immediately reminded of half-liter cans of the Soviet era, so loved by children and adults. And tiny jars of puree for baby food - it's just a classic. But these simple in composition canned fruit desserts to prepare at home will not make absolutely no difficulty.

A classic recipe mashed apples

For making applesauce, the fruit is washed and cut into pieces. In principle, the peel and seeds are not required, as they contains pectin so good for the body, but still possessing generousity properties. Sliced fruit put into a pan and add water to half volume. The whole mass is brought to a boil and balansiruya on low heat for about 20 minutes, until the apples are soft.

Next Apple weight slightly cooled and frays through a sieve to separate the indigestible meal. The output is soft and tender applesauce. Now it is added with sugar to taste, cinnamon and weight uvarivaetsja over low heat for another 10-15 minutes. If you extend the time of heat treatment to evaporate excess water, you get Apple jam. Ready mashed potatoes roll into sterilized jars.

Apple puree with additives

Apples combine perfectly with many other fruits and berries. And if you are using sour apples, the best would be to prepare precast mashed potatoes where added ingredients will soften the taste and neutralize excessive acid. Based on the classic recipe, you can cook Apple-pear puree, Apple-apricot, and others.

But the most successful combination can be considered a combination of apples and chokeberry juice. This sauce takes on a beautiful reddish color and somewhat tart astringent taste. Moreover, the acidity of the apples is greatly reduced, and the taste was more pronounced sweetness. To prepare this puree in a pan with sliced apples poured a glass of black chokeberry. All the subsequent process is identical to the classic recipe, except that cinnamon add is not necessary.

You can still mention the old-Russian way of cooking mashed apples. The apples were spread out on the baking sheet, doused with honey and baked in Russian furnace. And then triturated and kept in clay pots in the cellar. A puree called Apple with honey and served as dessert.