You will need
    • apples;
    • water;
    • pans;
    • a sieve or colander;
    • banks;
    • cover to the banks.
Pick and wash the apples
Before how to make applesauce, you need to decide on the variety of apples. Better to take home the apples if they are sweet. In the store try to take varieties of apples yellow, for example, the Perry. Apple sauce for kids no added sugar, so it is important that the apples were not sour.
Slice apples
Remove the core from each Apple and divide into small slices. Peel the apples is optional.
Fold the apples into the pan and add water
If you have filled apples 3 liters saucepan, pour 1 Cup of water. During cooking, water need not be added, because the apples will give the juice and fluids will be enough.
Put the saucepan with the apples on low heat
From time to time, stir the apples in the pan. Cook them until soft.
Cool the apples and pass through a sieve
Instead of a sieve can be wiped with the Apple mixture through a colander. The end result is a light Apple sauce, and the peel will remain on the surface of the sieve.
Boil the Apple puree
Long boil is not necessary, just bring to boil applesauce for children to keep useful properties of this fruit.
Prepare sterilized jars with lids
Banks should be no more than 0,5 liter because after opening the puree should be eaten during the day. To sterilize jars, wash them thoroughly, place in a large pot and cover with water so she closed them. Will boil jars 15 minutes. You can put nylon between the banks cover to the banks when boiling wasn't. Take the metal cover and boil them in a separate container.
Remove jars with workpiece storage
To store baby applesauce is possible at room temperature, and you will always have on hand warm baby food. Do not put jars with puree into the sunlight, not to destroy vitamin C, so useful for the kids in the fall and spring.