You will need
  • - strawberry
  • knife
Choose the largest strawberries and plug in the base of the berries a long, decorative skewers. If you want to use unusual flowers for cake decorating, cakes or just submit separately the original treats, then additional elements would be required.
The process of making roses
Starting at the base with a thin small knife make small incisions. They should not be too deep, so that the "petals" remained strong. Then each petal is lightly pry off with your finger.
Make incisions of different size, so that the flower was more realistic. At the top of the strawberries simply cut a few small strips to make a faux flower.
The club finished flowers can be put in a small bowl, garnish with few mint leaves. The berries can be used to decorate sweet dishes. For example, even the most simple cake with roses and strawberries is instantly transformed into a culinary masterpiece.