Advice 1: How to make a rose of strawberry

Of the largest strawberries you can make not only individual rosettes, but these bouquets. Original products will delight lovers of the berries of any age.
A bouquet of strawberries
You will need
  • - strawberry
  • knife
Choose the largest strawberries and plug in the base of the berries a long, decorative skewers. If you want to use unusual flowers for cake decorating, cakes or just submit separately the original treats, then additional elements would be required.
The process of making roses
Starting at the base with a thin small knife make small incisions. They should not be too deep, so that the "petals" remained strong. Then each petal is lightly pry off with your finger.
Make incisions of different size, so that the flower was more realistic. At the top of the strawberries simply cut a few small strips to make a faux flower.
The club finished flowers can be put in a small bowl, garnish with few mint leaves. The berries can be used to decorate sweet dishes. For example, even the most simple cake with roses and strawberries is instantly transformed into a culinary masterpiece.

Advice 2: How to make roses for cake

If you are a beginner cook, try decorating your cake with roses fondant. Mastic is a very comfortable weight for modeling. From it like clay to form different figures by connecting to this lesson kids. They can eat my rose immediately after manufacture. Roses on the cake are still made from the oil and protein cream. But it requires skill, so tamp hand in advance.
How to make roses for cake
You will need
    • Rose fondant:
    • milk powder (100 g);
    • sugar powder (100 g);
    • condensed milk;
    • food dyes;
    • bowl.
    • Rose oil cream:
    • butter (250 g);
    • condensed milk (8 tablespoons);
    • mixer;
    • pastry bag with nozzle for roses;
    • cookies (3 pieces).
Rose of mastic.
Make a paste. Combine the icing sugar with powdered milk in a deep bowl. Add dry food coloring. Mix gently with a spoon, pour the condensed milk in a thin stream. The batter should be thick and pliable. Stir it with your hand. Wrap in p/e film. Mastic dries quickly in the air.
Tsepinite small pieces of mastic. Knead in your fingers until it looks like a rose petal. The middle of a rose made of twisted into a roll a little pellet. On it attach the leaves one by one. Rumple tightly at the base so that the rose has not collapsed. The extra dough after making the roses cut with a knife.
The petals can be done in another way. Roll the plastic paste between two sheets of baking paper. From the resulting thin layer of cut glass kruglyashi. Create roses. Lay out the prepared flowers on a tray and leave to dry. Then they decorate the cake.
Rose oil cream.
Prepare the buttercream. Cut butter in small pieces and put in a bowl, start whisking with a mixer. Add the condensed milk one spoon, until the mixture becomes whipped and creamy. Put the cream in the fridge for 1 hour.
Crush the cookies into crumbs. Add some condensed milk, stir. The dough should shape. Make some small cones.
Fill a pastry bag with cream. Otkryvaite cream cones, forming the petals of a rose. Start in the middle, then put the leaves in a checkerboard pattern until you get a rosette. Roses put on the cake along with the cones of cookies.
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