Advice 1: Than useful berry Saskatoon

Saskatoon – one of the most useful, but little known in wider circles of berries. Curative treat in dark blue will help to get rid of a number of ailments, strengthen the immune system.
Than useful berry Saskatoon
Saskatoon is a fast-growing shrub, its bushes can reach a length of 3-4 meters. Delicious fruit with a bluish bloom a bit like black currant. Berry bushes good fruit, and to propagate the Irga can be by seed, root sprouts, dividing the Bush.

Undemanding plant requires no special care, but loves the sun. Therefore, to plant shrubs is best in open areas. Irga resistant to various diseases and pests, is not afraid of rocky, sandy soil, so grow it in the country – is a pleasure.

The nutrients contained in the game

Dark blue berries of amelanchier – a storehouse of vitamins C, e, b group, fiber, some trace elements, pectin. It's pure carbohydrates consisting of fruit has no fat and protein, there are the berries in large quantities without fear to get better.
100 g of amelanchier contains about 45 calories.

Along with ascorbic acid, in the game contains a lot of antioxidants that increase the resistance of human body against infections, stress and other adverse factors. Berry prevents the development of cancer. And due to the content of pectin this product removes from the body toxins, lowers cholesterol.

To use game as food in fresh form or as juice. Vitamin P, which are rich in berries, especially useful for elderly people and children due to the fact that it strengthens the immune system, makes blood vessels flexible, improves sleep. Irga is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Interesting facts

To grow the game, although can be more common wild-growing shrubs. Round berries ripen in July-August except them, can be used for therapeutic purposes, the bark of the plant, flowers, leaves.

Healing Irga maintains the taste quality of cooked and dried, so if you want to stock up on vitamins for the future, is to dry the berries in the sun or freeze them. From Saskatoon, you can also prepare juice.

It is noteworthy that juicy berry is especially useful in diseases of kidneys, blood vessels and liver. Therefore, it can be eaten as a preventive measure. Juice shadberry excellent disinfectant, whereby it is recommended to drink angina. You can use the liquid for treatment of purulent wounds, mouthwash in case of problems with the gums.
Although Saskatoon has almost no contraindications, under reduced pressure it is better to eat in small quantities.

Berry has a powerful sedative effect, so be careful, going on a journey or working with complex mechanisms. Although, to show a calming effect, you need to eat ripe Saskatoon.

Advice 2 : What is GDI and how it is useful

Its appearance now is similar to black currants. These sweet berries in dark blue is very tasty and healthy. However, not all know what that culture and what it is good.

Saskatoon is a small tree or deciduous shrub. Deciduous means that at certain times of the year, the leaves fall off. The leaves of amelanchier normal dark green color, and the fruits are edible and ripen in July and early August.

Irga has spread in many countries. It is propagated through sowing seeds and birds which spread the seed. Irga - undemanding plant that is resistant to drought and is growing rapidly. For gardeners it is valuable because it bears fruit annually. From the fruit of amelanchier make wine, jam, jelly. Dry of Saskatoon is a wonderful dried fruit.

The healing properties of Saskatoon

The Irga used for medicinal purposes. The fruit is an indispensable tool in the treatment of beriberi. The juice of the fruit is used for varicose veins, and infusions from flowers - a good way to normalize sleep and reduce blood pressure. Angina are advised to gargle with the juice of Saskatoon.

100 grams of Saskatoon and 45 calories. From the leaves to the berry, make healthy and tasty tea. Irga is a useful berry, which is a preventive measure for myocardial infarction. Even when frozen the useful properties of the Irga are saved. Irga contains only carbohydrates and a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. It is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the body.

More useful information about this berry

Depending on the age of the plant, one Bush can bring from five to fifteen pounds of berries, and growing for 50 years. Also the GDI can be used as an ornamental plant to decorate the area, make it a green fence. This berry is impossible to use for people with low blood pressure and individual intolerance.

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