Saskatoon is a small tree or deciduous shrub. Deciduous means that at certain times of the year, the leaves fall off. The leaves of amelanchier normal dark green color, and the fruits are edible and ripen in July and early August.

Irga has spread in many countries. It is propagated through sowing seeds and birds which spread the seed. Irga - undemanding plant that is resistant to drought and is growing rapidly. For gardeners it is valuable because it bears fruit annually. From the fruit of amelanchier make wine, jam, jelly. Dry of Saskatoon is a wonderful dried fruit.

The healing properties of Saskatoon

The Irga used for medicinal purposes. The fruit is an indispensable tool in the treatment of beriberi. The juice of the fruit is used for varicose veins, and infusions from flowers - a good way to normalize sleep and reduce blood pressure. Angina are advised to gargle with the juice of Saskatoon.

100 grams of Saskatoon and 45 calories. From the leaves to the berry, make healthy and tasty tea. Irga is a useful berry, which is a preventive measure for myocardial infarction. Even when frozen the useful properties of the Irga are saved. Irga contains only carbohydrates and a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. It is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the body.

More useful information about this berry

Depending on the age of the plant, one Bush can bring from five to fifteen pounds of berries, and growing for 50 years. Also the GDI can be used as an ornamental plant to decorate the area, make it a green fence. This berry is impossible to use for people with low blood pressure and individual intolerance.