Celibate priests in the Orthodox Church called priests who took monastic vows. The priest in the Church of tarditsii called the priest. Accordingly, the priest-monk FR.

A monk can be like immediately after ordination to the priesthood, and after several years of service to the ordinary priest. For example, if the person is a layman came to the monastery and remained there to contend, first, he is a novice, a novice, then may become a monk. Next, he received monastic tonsure, gives vows of celibacy, obedience, nestyazhatelstva. Who became clothed in a kind of angelic form. Ordinary monks can be rukopolagat to the priesthood. The priest, who was already a monk before the time of ordination automatically becomes a monk.

There are other cases. For example, the priest refers to the secular clergy, that is, he is a married man. If he remains a widower, being in priestly orders that a priest may take monastic vows. After ordination to marry no longer possible, so the priests who are widowers often take the vows of monasticism. Thus, it appears that the priest who took monastic vows is already known as a hieromonk.

It is also necessary to say that the monk is the first degree of the priestly Ministry of the black clergy. For years of service or special merits ieromonahom give the dignity of abbots. Abbots of monasteries may also be called abbots, and archimandrites.

A distinctive feature of the vestments of the priesthood is the headdress - monastic monastic hood and gown.

If the priesthood is glorified among the saints, the man refers to prepodobnomu order of Holiness. That is, the monks, having attained a special divine grace.