Get ready for that life of the monk-man complex and difficult in different aspects. You will have to give up most of the benefits of civilization and to resist various temptations.
Visit the temple and consult with the priest. Well, if you have a Confessor – i.e. your personal spiritual guide who can give you good advice, will determine the extent of your willingness to serve God.
Trains on the monasteries if time permits, meet and talk with the father-Abbot (Abbot of the monastery). From your conversation, he concluded, are you ready for the monastic life, whether you have obstacles to tonsure. For example, you can't go to the monastery without the blessing of the parent (if parents are alive) or if you are married and you have minor children, even if the spouse you let go. If the Abbot will see that the desire firmly, and there are no obstacles to the departure from the secular world, you will stay in the monastery as a novice.
Live in the monastery as a novice, i.e. the person helping the monks in their work. In addition, you will incur various vows of obedience. Monastic rules for the staff are not very strict. This is largely people external to the monastery. You will require the abandonment of bad habits, improper speech, and the discipline in performing job duties. On Sundays you will have to attend worship and communion regularly. If you overcome this stage, you will be transferred to novices.
Take probation if life in the monastery as a novice didn't sway your desire to become a monk. A novice is a person accepted into the brotherhood, but has not yet become a monk. Being a novice, you will pass a variety of tests – monastic art. Typically, the duration of poslechnete is 3 years, but the period can be both increased and reduced. Clothing of the novice is the cassock, skufia and belt. If you violate any of monastic rules or soak tests, you are referred to from the monastery and free from obedience.
Take vows as a monk, if you have gone the way of the novice, and novice and has not wavered in his desire to give his life to the service of God. You should also be ready to give three wishes to the moral perfection: celibacy, obedience and poverty. Take seriously the promises, think about their meaning: virginity – the preservation of the great purity, obedience, honoring each of the brothers better and above themselves, poverty is good-natured endurance of thirst, starvation, and brutal tightness.