Meat Solyanka

Try to cook flavorful meat hodgepodge. Pickled cucumbers is an essential component, giving the soup a sharpness and poignancy.

You will need:
- 500 g beef bones;
- 250 g of smoked meat from the bones;
- 400 g beef;
- 300 g of meat products (boiled meat, sausages, sausages);
- 3 bulbs;
- 200 g pickled cucumbers;
- 0.5 cups tomato puree;
- 2 tablespoons of butter;
- a handful of olives, olives;
- 1 tablespoon capers;
- a bunch of greens (parsley, dill);
- lemon;
- freshly ground black pepper.
Do not skimp on meat products - the more diverse the set is, the more concentrated and rich in taste will be a hodgepodge.

Cook the broth - cooking it will take about 3 hours. Fill the bones with water and simmer for about 2 hours on low heat. Then put the broth, meat pieces and continue cooking for another hour.

Onion peel, slice and saute in hot pan in butter until transparent. Put to the onion tomato puree and cook it all together. Pickles peel and seeds, cut into slices and simmered in a small amount of broth.

Remove from the pan bones, meat cut into pieces, sieve the broth. For the soup you will need about two liters. Pour broth fried onions and tomato, add cucumbers and stewed meat set, cut into pieces. Heat contents of the pan, not boiling.

Stir in chopped greens, olives and capers, cover the soup with lid and let it steep for 10 minutes.
Pour hodgepodge on plates, each add a slice of lemon without skin and seeds, freshly ground black pepper and a spoonful of sour cream.

Meat with cucumbers

Delicious and unusual dish for every day - roast pork with pickles, stewed in sour cream. As a garnish to it to prepare mashed potatoes.

You will need:
- 500 g of pulp of pork;
- 3 pickled cucumbers;
- 2 bulbs;
- 1 Cup sour cream;
- freshly ground black pepper;
- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
This recipe can be prepared not only pork, but beef or chicken.

Pork wash, dry with paper towels. Slice the meat into strips, onion thin half-rings. In a pan heat the vegetable oil and fry the onions until Golden brown. Add the meat and cook all for about 7 minutes, stirring constantly. Cucumbers cut into strips and place in pan. Mix all and pour a cream.

Cover skillet and simmer meat for about 20 minutes. The sauce should thicken. If it seems too runny, add a teaspoon of flour and stir. Before serving, sprinkle the dish with freshly ground black pepper.