Veggie lovers will always find a way to preserve the harvest until next season. Because the products sold in stores will never compete with those grown on their own.

Usually cucumbers salted or pickled. What is the difference between these two process from each other? Salting does not involve the use of vinegar, which allows a larger volume to retain minerals and vitamins. The best container for pickling cucumbers are oak barrels in which are placed the washed cucumbers mixed with herbs. In brine and pickles add currant and cherry leaves, cumin, horseradish, dill (umbrellas), Bay leaf, marjoram, tarragon, mint, etc.

Pickling cucumbers

If there is no cellar, cucumbers salted in a small container, e.g. a 10 litre pots or in cans of 3 liters. Cucumbers, it is desirable to pluck the same day, when going to harvest. Prepare the following products with the 3-liter jar:

- 2 kg of cucumbers;
- 6-7 garlic cloves;
- 1 tablespoon horseradish;
- umbrellas of dill;
- herbs - optional.

Washed vegetables lay out on a towel and let them dry. It is advisable to take cucumbers of the same size will allow them to evenly proselytise. All the herbs chosen and necessary for the pickles and the garlic and peeled the horseradish, wash and dry. On the bottom of the jar (or pan) place spices, herbs, horseradish and garlic. Then put dry cucumbers. Then again, spices and cucumbers, alternate layers to the top, finish with herbs.

Then preparing the solution for pickling cucumbers. In one liter of water would require 30 grams of salt (about 2 level tablespoons). Cucumbers pour brine and put it first in cool and then in a cold place (e.g. refrigerator). In the traditional recipe must use cherry and currant leaves. Spices usually use mustard seeds, cumin, coriander, cloves.

Pickled cucumbers

Many people like pickled cucumbers. They are prepared a little differently than salt. The prepared vegetables need to cut off the ends. Saline a little bit to boil, pour the cucumbers and leave them for 5 hours in a warm place. These blanks are stored in the refrigerator.

There is another method of cooking pickled cucumbers, however, the time it will take a few more. Cucumbers are filled with cold brine, after which they must stand 48 hours in a dark place. Herbs and spices are taken the same as for pickling. The brine is prepared similarly.