You will need
  • - Outlook Password Recovery.
If you have forgotten your password to Outlook, use the tools decrypt information by third-party programs. This is due to the security policy mail, storing data to enter the system in an unencrypted form may simply lead to data loss or mailbox, if it is necessary for someone. Also, Outlook has a feature to remember the password, disabling you have to enter the data manually. In this case, the password recovery will be impossible, unless previously, this feature was not used.
Download on your PC Outlook Password Recovery. Install it, after checking for viruses. Be careful when installing third-party software for e-mail and passwords – always download them from the official websites of developers, as some of them can be used by hackers to steal accounts and mailboxes. It is best to test such programs, use the Norton Internet Security because it has a built-in plugin check the reliability of the software, based on the statistics of its use.
After installing Outlook Password Recovery, launch it. Be careful, it only works in windows 93-XP, and later operating system to use a newer build of the program. Follow the password recovery mail and follow the instructions.
In the future use special programs to store passwords. Pay attention to other programs decrypt the passwords, however, the majority of them works on the same principle as the Outlook Password Recovery. Unfortunately, the program is not free, however it is one of the most reliable ways to decrypt your password.