You will need
  • Decorations made of candy:
  • - 1 Cup of sugar;
  • - 3/4 Cup of water;
  • - 5 drops of 3% acetic essence;
  • - food colorants and flavorings.
  • For decorations made of chocolate:
  • - chocolate different colors in tiles or lump;
  • - fruits and berries.
  • For decorations from sugar mastic:
  • - 150 grams of marshmallows;
  • - 3 tablespoons of water;
  • - 300 g icing sugar;
  • - food coloring.
Decorations made of candy

Try to decorate the cake with curls or leaves of caramel. Sugar decorations perfectly match with the taste of butter cream, honey, fruit. Prepare the caramel. In a saucepan put the sugar, add water and a few drops of vinegar. Put the mixture on the stove and heat until the crystals completely dissolved, and the mass takes on a soft brown color. Will not overdo the caramel on the fire, podgore, sugar will acquire an unpleasant bitter taste. With the help of food dyes and fragrances of caramel you can make any flavor and color.
Of caramel you can make elegant curls. Cool slightly mass, take a small portion and roll it into a flagellum. Then wrap it around the sticks, greased, and allow caramel to harden. Ready curls carefully remove from stick and move on the cake.
Another option candy jewelry - original leaves. From potatoes or carrots cut stamp in the shape of a leaf with veins. Tattoo it on your fork and dip it in the liquid caramel. Then put the potato stamp caramel down on a greased cold plate. Caramel layer sticks to the plate, separated from the stamp. Let the piece cool down. If you want to make a curved piece, put it on the rolling pin and give the desired view, and then allow to cure.
Decorations made of chocolate

Cakes with chocolate cream can be decorated with beautiful large flakes. Make chocolate different shades - black, white or milk. Looks very nice chips flavored colored chocolate - orange orange, green mint, pink strawberry. Tile or block, gently scrape with a knife for cleaning of vegetables, removing the resulting chips. Follow the angle of the knife to make chocolate curls did not break off.
Very easy to make chocolate - they can decorate cakes covered with icing or powdered sugar. Choose a beautiful large klubnikin, berries, cherries, grapes and slices of oranges. In a water bath, heat the white or milk chocolate. Gently dip the berries and fruits they must be covered with glaze in half. When the chocolate hardens a bit, place the fruit on a baking tray lined with parchment.
Decorations from sugar mastic

It is easy to prepare decorations from sugar mastic. You can buy or make your own - for example, using ready-made soufflé marshmallow. Select pieces of the same color and put them in a bowl. Pink and purple lozenges make beautiful roses and other flowers, green suitable for modeling leaves. Mastic made from white marshmallows, can be painted in any shade with food coloring.
Melt marshmallows in the microwave, adding a bowl of water. Then add sieved icing sugar. Thoroughly knead the mass with your hands until it becomes smooth and plastic. In the process of kneading you can add a paste a few drops of dye. Ready mastic roll the pastry out and cut shapes from it ornaments - Christmas trees, snowflakes and other figures.
Putty can be molded into dimensional roses. Roll a piece of putty into a sausage, cut it into small pieces. Fingers form a curved rounded petals and proceed to the collection of the flower. Sculpt it, starting with the core. Connect the two lobes, tightly turning them and United at the base. Then connect the side lobes. Stick the pieces of mastic will help water to gently lubricate her petals and press them tight to each other. To form the rose, place it to dry. Green mastic, you can cut a couple of leaves and attach them to the base of the flower.