You will need
  • - high beam;
  • - low beam;
  • - wrist straps;
  • - magnesia.
Grasp the crossbar reverse grip (palms towards you). Hands shoulder width apart. Arch your back, put your shoulder blade. Stretch the chest up. Try to pull your elbows to your body during the movement, reach the chin to the bar. Slowly return to starting position. This exercise is well suited for beginners to do on the bar. It develops the arms and the bottom of the latissimus dorsi muscle.
Select the grip at shoulder width. One arm is kept straight grip, the other reverse. Arch your back, keep blades on your feet. Pull elbows to the body. Your task - to reach the chest to the crossbar. Slowly scroll down. Make the maximum number of upgrades, then switch.
This exercise helps tighten weak hand. Many athletes one arm more developed, but the pull is ratnakaram would correct this imbalance. In addition, this exercise is a transition to the classical pull-UPS wide grip.
Grasp the bar straight grip (palms away from you), hands wider than your shoulders. Cross your legs at the ankles and slightly bend your knees. Arch your back, keep blades. Rise, trying to touch the breast of the crossbar. At the top hold for two seconds and slowly return to starting position. At the bottom point, do not relax hands, not ovisuite on hands - it can cause trauma to the large heads of the triceps. The wider the grip, the higher the load on the back muscles.
Develop top wide muscles, a big, round, rhomboid muscle, middle and lower parts of the trapezius muscle.
If high bar is low, master this exercise, as the output power. It will help to pump in addition to the muscles of the back and shoulders and even triceps and thighs.
Grasp the bar straight grip, hands shoulder width apart. Legs bent at the knees. Move the body over the bar, standing up with his hands. Maintain balance with your hands. Hold for 1-2 seconds and return to starting position.
Having mastered the output power on the low beam, continue to the next exercise. Starting position - the emphasis on the bar on straight arms. Keeping balance, slowly bend your arms at the elbows. The body leaning neither forward nor back. Try to bend your arms as much as possible, but not zealous first time - is a very large burden on the elbows. Slowly press your body upward, straightening the arms. If the bottom of the pushup your feet touch the ground, cross them at the ankles and slightly bend your knees. In this exercise, you will work the chest.
For leveling the press on the bar to follow the raising of the legs in vis on the crossbar. This is one of the most powerful exercises for the abs. Primarily worked lower abdominal muscles, the most difficult to study, oblique muscles and core muscles work as stabilizers, and at the end of the movement captured the upper part of the press.
Grasp the bar straight grip (palms away from you), hands shoulder width apart. Pull the thigh to the abdomen so that the lower leg was at chest level. Not swing during lifting, do not use the force of inertia. Should only work the abdominal muscles. Slowly return to starting position. Do not relax your abdominal muscles to avoid injury of the lower back. Repeat as many times as you can. To intensify the exercise and increase the load, raise straight legs.