For this suitable water purified in a simple household filter or from a spring, well, clean you can. The quality of this water will be much higher than what is sold in the store.

Приготовление газированной воды

There are several ways to prepare the soda and drinks at home.
The classic "soda"
In the 19th century to reduce the cost of making soda began to use the chemical method. In water, added baking soda, dilute acid is also sometimes added salt. The water is saturated with carbon dioxide by chemical reaction of baking soda and acid. This "soda" is easy to make at home. But this soda will contain impurities – sodium bicarbonate and acid residues, which is not very useful. If you do not use a calibrated milligram proportions of the soda, acid and water, the impurities will be more, and the taste of sparkling water will deteriorate. But the efficiency of this method is very attractive.

Газировка в домашних условиях

Siphon for aerating the water
This method is the easiest. Household siphon for aerating pour chilled drinking water and screw the spray with food carbonic acid. After a few seconds the soda ready. Pour this soda is very convenient, because it pours itself when you press the lever, and be stored without loss of gas will be pretty long. If you use a filter with a salinity or water from a spring, carbonated water from a siphon will be very similar in composition to natural sparkling mineral water. In the composition of this water will only be refreshing bubbles of pure carbon dioxide and water with useful minerals.

Cost this method is quite economical, because 1 liter of home soda costs only about 20-30 rubles. Water of this quality sell in stores for 50-70 rubles for a bottle of 0.5 liters, and in a cafe or restaurant with a glass of "homemade" lemonade 0,3-0,5 liter will cost 150-300 rubles. The most inexpensive siphon for aerating water Russian manufacturer O!range can now be bought in many online stores, large hypermarkets and shops of the goods for the house at a price of 1650-1750 rubles. There are sprays 200-300 rubles per pack.

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Any of these methods will allow you to prepare sparkling water and homemade lemonade with their hands. You will not need to worry about the quality of the water that you drink and your loved ones, and sodas of various flavors of natural jams or juice is much healthier and tastier than any "Coca-Cola". In addition, you will not need to carry heavy bottles from the store and throw plastic containers, polluting the environment.

Drink natural drinks, save and be healthy!