Including foods that burn fat, in the diet can boost metabolism and help digestion. What kind of product is it?

First and foremost, it is a grapefruit. Lowering insulin levels, it helps the body to delay the fat deposits and excess substances. Grapefruit juice or half fruit after a meal will help to accelerate not only the metabolism but also the metabolism of fats. The body will cleanse itself of toxins, the immune system will be strengthened.

Next on the list is pineapple. He had won fame as a fighter for the slender figure. And all thanks to a special enzyme bromeline. In addition, pineapple is a vitamin and mineral complex, and you don't need to go to the pharmacy. Is it necessary immediately after ingestion, but in any case not on an empty stomach. Also, after the pineapple you need to rinse the mouth, the acid is not had a negative effect on teeth.

Ginger. Burning the warming spice increases blood circulation and improves digestion. After every meal, small enough slices of ginger, and during the day it is advisable to drink ginger tea, especially with lemon and honey.

Include in the diet of cabbage, you can cleanse the body of toxins and replenish vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Also in the cabbage contains a lot of fiber, and it is like no one better than struggling with excess weight.

Cinnamon helps to make the dream of a flat stomach since to best burn fat on it. It also stabilizes blood sugar, and if he jumps, then there is a wild hunger. Cinnamon in the diet metabolism literally accelerates. Also, this spice suppresses the desire to eat something sweet.

Not my favorite, but a very effective fighter against the hated fat – fuck. Activating digestion, it normalizes bowel function and allows you to Deposit unnecessary fat reserves.

The fruit is exotic and rare, we have on the table – papaya. But if the opportunity to eat there, it must not be squandered. Papaya contains papain – an enzyme that breaks down fats. Also it helps the body metabolize proteins, especially helpful for those who are experiencing the deficit. Like pineapple, papaya to eat immediately after a meal.

Another aide in the fight against fat – green tea. 3-4 cups a day will not only accelerate metabolism, but strengthen the blood vessels and heart.