The benefits of yogurt are obvious, if we are talking about the lactic acid, improves the stomach and intestines, but in this case means a high content in the product of magnesium and calcium. These trace elements help to significantly reduce the concentration of cortisol. Cortisol – the stress hormone, after it is given to them commands the body begins to store nutrients, i.e. get fat. Meanwhile, the magnesium and calcium will help to lose fat, because they normalize emotional state, and without them the flow of energy processes in which fats are burned.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee believe that people, in your daily diet which includes 3 jars of yogurt, much faster rid of excess weight, rather than adherents of a variety of trendy diets. But remember that to get rid of belly fat is possible only with the help of natural "live" yogurt that is not often found on store shelves. It is best to prepare yogurt at home.

To make home-made yogurt is very simple. The sourdough for it is sold in pharmacies, but you can use as a starter the "right" yogurt from the store. Per litre of boiled and then cooled to 40-45 degrees, you need to add milk 125 grams of yogurt or 2 capsules, dry yeast, all very well mixed and place for 8-12 hours in a thermos or if you have a yogurt maker. Ready yogurt retains its useful properties in the refrigerator for about a week.



At first glance it is completely unrealistic to get rid of belly fat using this product because of the calorie content of walnut is very high. But if you look, you will find that a small quantity introduced into the diet nuts will really help to lose weight. First, they accelerate metabolism and second, suppress the hunger.



Benefits of grapefruit for weight reduction has long been proven by scientists. The concentration of flavonoid in this fruit is much higher than anywhere else, and that he will help to get rid of belly fat. Moreover, because of the low glycemic index of grapefruit has the ability to reduce appetite. So one fruit can replace Breakfast, and half an hour before lunch and dinner eat a half of grapefruit, so while taking a main meal to reduce calorie intake.

Also an established fact is that healthy sleep promotes weight loss. And grapefruit relieves stress, eliminates depression, so before sleep will be quite useful to drink a glass of grapefruit juice.

However, it is worth remembering that no matter how you tried to get rid of belly fat, grapefruit diet can not last more than a month, the optimal time – from three days to two weeks. The fact that this fruit gives the maximum stress on the liver. After a two week break, you can re-sell grapefruit, but of course without fanaticism.


Ginger for weight loss – just a wonderful thing, and if you have no Allergy to this product, it will really help to get rid of belly fat, as, indeed, and other places. Contained in ginger essential oil make the metabolism very fast, whereby the combustion of fat cells. In the absence of contraindications ginger can be consumed not only as a seasoning for fish and meat dishes, but to make a drink, add to tea.

Green tea

It is impossible to keep silent about the benefits of green tea for weight loss. In order to get rid of belly fat with it, you need to drink daily at least one Cup. The effect, of course, will be noticeable faster if you replace in your daily menu black tea green.