The younger the body, the faster you grow muscle. The maximum speed of muscle growth can be achieved in the 13-20 years when the body develops most quickly.
A large role is played by the nutrition of an athlete, as a building material for muscles, the body learns only through food, which should be rich in protein and calories. The meal should be divided into 4-5 times a day and eat small portions. When balanced diet you can achieve maximum results in growth rate.
The first 6 months of training the muscles undergo a period of adaptation to increased loads. At this moment occurs the most rapid growth of mass. For the first year it is possible to achieve growth of 2-3 kilograms clean weight of muscles. In the future, the development speed drops significantly and you start training require more effort and time.
For the first 3 years an athlete can gain about 20% of muscle mass compared to the initial weight, i.e. with the growth of 180 cm and weight 80 kg in 3 year can grow by 10-15 kg. the volume of the chest muscles can increase by 10-15 cm, and bicep approximately 3-5 cm after five years of training weight is increased to 30%, excluding adipose tissue.
Remember that muscles grow best in a rest period. Don't spend exhausting workouts, after which you will feel only fatigue. Should alternate load and rest. Between workouts you need to break was approximately 1-3 days, depending on health. The minimum amount of sleep in the company of loads of 7-8 hours.