You will need
    • 1 kg of meat;
    • 1 egg;
    • butter 100 g;
    • salt 21 g per 1 kg of meat;
    • 50 ml milk;
    • nutmeg 1 g;
    • ground pepper;
    • boiled water;
    • thin lamb intestine;
    • thread.
Prepare stuffing. It can be pork, beef, mixed or chicken. Meat for home sausage should be crushed. To do this, pass it through the grinder 4 times. Add egg, milk, butter, salt and spices. Butter cut into pieces of 0.5 cm. Nutmeg create a feeling of familiar taste of cooked sausage.
Stir the stuffing long as necessary adding water. The secret is that the stuffing was moist, but not dry, then the sausage is juicy. Put in the fridge overnight.
Prepare the casing for frankfurters. Ideally, it is a lamb intestine. On sale they come in a purified form. So keep them in a concentrated salt solution, leaving only rinse with water, put on the spout of the faucet, put a bowl to get away.
If no gut, it is possible to prepare a shell of artificial material. Take the sleeve for baking. Cut into strips with a width of 8 cm and a length up to 50 cm Connect the edge to make a long tube. Pinch the edges between two metal lines, departing on each side, 3 mm. Walk lighter to solder the edges.
Stuff the shell with minced meat. One end tie a knot, pull the other pastry syringe. You can cut the taper of the neck of a plastic 1.5 liter bottle. Serve the stuffing in a shell, avoiding the formation of air bubbles inside the future sausages. Don't fill too tight, otherwise the shell can not withstand the load. Thread push the boundaries of the shell after each of the following sausages. The second end also tie a knot.
The needle on the shell make lots and lots of punctures. This is necessary in order to make sausage out air and when cooked, the shell is not swollen.
Cook sausages, but do not overcook. Need to get a semi-finished product. For this purpose there is a special technology. Cook the sausages at a temperature of 70 - 90 degrees for 50 minutes. Do not let water boil. You want the stuffing has reached readiness without boiling.
Store sausages in the refrigerator for 5 days. Before eating them you can fry and can be reheated in boiling water.