You will need
  • Declaration form income tax.
The taxpayer may reduce the tax base for tax on profit in the amount of the loss received. Loss may reduce the tax base of the current tax period or any tax period in the next 10 years. This is called a "carry forward loss for the future." In the Declaration for tax on profit of the sum of such losses is reflected in Annex 4 to sheet 02. In lines 010-130 sets out the balance of loss transferred at the beginning of the tax period separately before 01.01.2002, and after that date. After up 01.01.2002 g. sums are divided by years.
The amount of the loss for the current tax period or the portion of the loss, you want to "write off" now, and not to move in the future, you are recorded in line 150 of Annex 4 to sheet 02, and lines 160-180 - balance transferred loss on the end of the tax period, as well, by 01.01.2002 g. before and after.
Losses of the current tax period detailed in the previous sheets of the Declaration, namely annexes 2 and 3 to sheet 02. For example, the amount of the loss from sale of fixed assets is reflected in Appendix 3. The types of the realized property are accounted for separately (amortized separately, and land separately). We must distinguish between the total amount of the loss from the sale (it is reflected in Appendix 3 to sheet 02), and the amount that is attributable to the current accounting (tax) period (reflected in Appendix 2 to sheet 02). For example, a loss from the sale of the object of depreciable property is written off in equal instalments over the remaining useful life and to calculate the amount of the loss attributable to the current reporting period, you must divide the total amount of loss on the number of remaining months until the end of the useful life and multiplied by the number of months in the reporting period.
Loss based on the main activities of the enterprise (according to the "income minus expenses"), and the final lossaffecting the tax base are reflected in the sheet 02 "Calculation of tax on profit of organizations". Which lines any worksheets for this it is necessary to summarize, specified in the Declaration.