You will need
    • a few potatoes;
    • glass or plastic utensils
    • suitable for use in the microwave.
Wash as many potatoes as you plan to cook. Gently Pat dry them with a towel, napkin or just leave it for a while to allow water to drain back.
Pierce the skin of potatoes in several places with a fork. This is necessary to ensure that in the process of making out couples. If you skip this step, the skin will crack.
Prepared potatoes, place in a container suitable for the microwave, and put it in the microwave. Lid capacity cover is optional.
Set the power switch to the microwave to the maximum value, and the timer for 4-5 minutes. If your microwave has several automatic modes (for example, "Warm", "Grill", "Defrost", etc.), select the mode closest to the cooking in the oven. Click "Start".
When you hear the start signal, open the microwave and gently flip the potatoes. In any case, don't do it with my bare hands – so you risk to burn. Close the door to the microwave and again set the timer for 3-5 minutes.
After the signal from the timer check the readiness of potatoes with a knife or fork. Usually 10 minutes is enough to have it cooked and became soft. If baked potatoes are ready – put it down for a minute in cold water, then it will be easier to clean it. If, in your opinion, the dish is not ready yet, again, flip the potatoes and put on a few minutes in the microwave.
Serve baked potatoes, removing the peel or cutting it in half. Don't forget to sprinkle with salt and put on each half slice of butter.