You will need
    • flour - 2 glasses;
    • egg - 1 PC.;
    • water - 1 Cup;
    • milk - 1 liter;
    • salt - half teaspoon;
    • sugar - to taste;
    • butter - to taste.
Sift flour slide on the table. Upstairs, make a well and pour in to a glass of water with loose cannons egg and salt. If you cook noodles for future use, do not put the egg. Knead dough and let it rest for half an hour, covered with a clean towel. Then as thin as possible roll it with a rolling pin, roll out a sheet sprinkled with flour and let dry a bit.
Cut into strips with a width of 4-5 cm, sprinkle them with flour and fold over on each other. Adding all the strips, cut them from across thin noodles. Sprinkle it a bit on the Board to dry. Dried up the rolled out dough can twist as roll, not forgetting to sprinkle, Muko, and finely chopped with a chaff - also get noodles. The excess chopped noodles (without eggs) after drying can be stored for more than two weeks in a paper or linen bag.
Boil in a pot of water and throw the noodles for a few minutes, and then drain it in a colander. Put it back and pour the noodles with boiling milk, whole or diluted by half with water. Cook until tender, 5-7 minutes. At the end of cooking in a pan put butter in taste and sugar. A wonderful nutritious dish is ready, serve milk noodles right on the table.