Advice 1: How to cook a gingerbread man

The child, hearing the story of the tale of Kolobok, in most cases, asks the mother, grandmother to bake the same. In the tale, of course, provides a detailed recipe. But to use it in practice impossible. In this case there is a simple recipe for a tasty bun.
How to cook a gingerbread man
You will need
    • Cookies "Jubilee" (plain) - 1 kg.
    • Boiled condensed milk - 2 banks.
    • Cocoa powder - 50 g
    • Butter - 200 g
    • Grinder - 1 PC.
    • The bowl for the dough - 1 PC.
First we need to prepare for grinding of biscuit grinder with a sieve, which will have small holes as well as cookies and a plate for the pastry bun. Plate for making dough for our gingerbread man should be with a large recess below the dough easier to mix. Grind through a meat grinder all prepared cookies and paved ground from the main mass of exactly 50 grams cookie crumbs for dusting the bun. But the bulk pour into the prepared dish dough bun.
In the second phase produced two cans of condensed milk and 50g of cocoa powder. Carefully open the two cans of condensed milk. And add them to the bulk of the cookie. Then this mass pour the cocoa powder. Beat with a mixer the resulting mass in the first mode, 1-2 minutes.
Second, we perform a last stage of the preparation of ingredients. Prepare 200g. butter, iron mug and spoon. Take the butter, cut into small slices, put in an iron Cup and melt on low heat. Heated butter is added to our dough. Take the spoon and begin to knead the dough. It must hinder, until we get a homogeneous mass.
And here is the final stage of cooking a fabulous bun. Kneaded the dough, cover it with a damp towel. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes in the room. Then move on to sculpting bun. Leave a small piece of dough for further sculpting of the eyes, nose, legs and arms of our bun. Of the remaining dough to sculpt a gingerbread man and put him on a dish. Take 50 grams left of the cookies and sprinkle with our bun. Further sculpt eyes, nose, arms and legs and attach them to the bun. Put the resulting bun in the fridge for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, our gingerbread man is ready.
Entries tagged as ‘how to bake gingerbread man’. For making a bun you will need: 2 cups of flour, 50 g fresh yeast, 3 boiled potatoes, 1 Cup water, salt to taste. Sift flour, add salt, pour dissolved in warm water, the yeast, add crushed boiled potatoes.
Useful advice
Several recipes. Kolob (or, as affectionately it is called, "the gingerbread man") is a bread bowl of several varieties of flour. Balls baked not always, but only when ordinary bread was missing ingredients. The bun was the remains of the different flour that they had in the house, and all the scrapings of the kneading, which usually was left in for the ferment. How to bake a cake without flour? How to feed Carlson?

Advice 2: How to cook kebab

Kebab is a tasty Oriental dish. Is made from mutton fried on the grill. But you can prepare at home in the oven. The dish has a rich meaty taste and can serve as the basis for a dinner party.
How to cook kebab
You will need
    • 1.5 kg. mutton
    • 3 bulbs
    • 1 kg. of potatoes
    • salt
    • ground black pepper
    • 1 teaspoon Basil or sumac
Lamb with onion, scroll through a meat grinder once.
Add to meat mixture salt, pepper, Basil or sumac and start to knead the mass.
The meat should be stirred to a state of viscosity, it must be very tight To do this, the meat previously "beat".
Place the sausage meat in a tight pack or a few layers of cling film. And steal the bun from the meat with a rolling pin on all sides.
Form from the mass of thick sausages.
Put the sausages on wooden skewers.
Along parallel sides of the inside of the pan, facing each other, put a layer of washed potatoes.
Potatoes laid in order to place the skewers with lyulya-kebab and the meat does not touch the bottom of the pan.
Cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
Serve kebab with baked potatoes, vegetables and herbs.
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