You will need
    • For the first recipe:
    • skate wings;
    • wine vinegar;
    • sorrel;
    • sage;
    • butter;
    • cream;
    • lemon juice;
    • salt;
    • pepper.
    • For the second recipe:
    • skate wings;
    • Bay leaves;
    • black pepper;
    • vinegar;
    • salt;
    • butter;
    • parsley.
    • For the third recipe:
    • skate wings;
    • salt;
    • lemon juice;
    • 2 eggs;
    • flour;
    • pepper;
    • celery;
    • butter.
In order to prepare a Stingray in a sauce of sorrel, take a kilo of wings, Stingray, soak for one hour in ice water, and then remove the skin. Cut the wings into five portions, put into a small saucepan and cover with water so that it completely covers the fish. Add to the pan one tablespoon of vinegar and boil the mixture. Then reduce the heat to low and simmer Stingray for 20 minutes. At this time, prepare the sauce. Take two bunches sorrel and finely chop. Put on medium heat a small pan and melt in it 20 grams of butter. Put the sorrel in a frying pan and add one teaspoon of sage. Simmer these ingredients on very low heat until tender sorrel. In a separate pan, melt 100 grams of butter, add 150 ml cream average degree of fat and heat the mixture to a boil but do not bring it. Turn off the heat and add to the sauce 2 tablespoons lemon juice, sorrel from the pan, pepper and salt to taste. Mix. When serving, pour the pieces of Stingray cooked sauce.
To cook the skate in brown butter take a pound of skate wings and cut them into 4 equal parts. In a saucepan, pour one liter of water, bring to a boil and add a few Bay leaves, 7 peas of black pepper, 60 milliliters of vinegar, 15 grams of salt. Lower it into the boiling broth pieces of fish and cook for about 15 minutes on very low heat. Then remove them and very good dry with napkins. Heat the pan and melt 50 grams of butter, heat it until then, until it becomes brown. Add the butter pieces Stingray, 10 grams of capers and turn off the heat. Sprinkle the finished dish with chopped parsley.
In order to prepare a Stingray on the grill, take a kilo of wings, rinse them and thoroughly Pat dry. Cut each wing into two pieces and RUB with salt from both sides. Sprinkle with juice squeezed from half a lemon, and then roll in flour. Dip the wings into the mixture of two beaten eggs and black pepper. Roll them in the breadcrumbs. Heat a skillet and melt on 100 grams of butter. Stingray fry on medium heat for 7 minutes on each side. Serve the fish sprinkled with chopped greens celery.