You will need
    • round loaf of bread for hamburgers;
    • 100 g of minced beef;
    • one egg;
    • one tomato;
    • a pickle;
    • one package of cream cheese for the burgers (a type of cheese Hochland);
    • a few leaves of lettuce;
    • onions;
    • 20 g of mayonnaise;
    • black pepper;
    • a quarter teaspoon of turmeric;
    • a quarter teaspoon of paprika.
Wash egg, break it into a shallow bowl. Mix beef with egg, sprinkle with ground black pepper and salt. Thoroughly mix the meat and form a flat pellet, the corresponding diameter size of the bread for the Burger.
Preheat a griddle and lightly grease it with vegetable oil. Put the pellet from minced meat into the pan and press with the spatula to get a more flattened form. When the bottom tortillas will seize Golden brown, flip it over to the other side. As well press it with spatula and keep for a while until the bottom is lightly browned. Based on the thickness of the resulting meatballs, enough to fry each side for three minutes. When the beef is ready, put it on a plate and put in a warm place (cover with a plate a bowl and top with a towel).
Begin to cook the sauce. Put the mayonnaise into a saucer or small bowl; add paprika, lemon juice and turmeric powder, mix thoroughly the ingredients. Cut in half a loaf of bread for a Burger and brush the surface of each half of the resulting sauce. Leave it for a while, giving the sauce is partly absorbed.
Cut thin circles of tomato and cucumber. Lettuce cut into a couple of parts, corresponding to the size of the bread for the Burger. Onions clean from the husk, cut the onion thin translucent rings.
Assemble the Burger the big Tasty in the following sequence:

the lower part of a roll;


- a square of cheese;

- a slice of tomato, slices of cucumber and onion;

- chopped lettuce;

- cheese and top of bread.