You will need
    • Microwave oven;
    • peanuts;
    • salt.
No matter how many peanuts you have at the moment, this recipe does not require compliance with accuracy to the gram. Before cooking fried peanuts is primarily to clean the shell (if peanuts are raw), sort and wash. Then you need to put on a towel and allow to dry. In the microwave all cooked in minutes or even seconds. Therefore, roasted peanuts will be ready in a moment, namely, for 3-4 minutes.
Peanuts laid out on a round glass dish for the microwave, you can just on the tray, but it is worth considering that mix will be difficult. Because these nuts in its composition contain bicarbonate of soda when cooking in the microwave they get a little salty, but more salty snacks or just beer and peanuts can be sprinkled with salt in addition. Cover the dish or tray is not needed.
So the peanuts were cooked evenly, it is necessary to stir constantly. For this it is necessary to set timer on 20 seconds. The degree of readiness of peanut can be identified by color, it needs to be dark brown. If you just leave the nuts unattended for 2-3 minutes, you can get burnt on one side nuts. When the peanuts are cooked before use, is to cool it down.