Advice 1: How to fry peanuts

Newspaper The Times of India has published a note telling about the discovery by scientists of new properties of peanuts. Turns out, roasted unsalted peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, controlling cholesterol in the blood. It also contains a large number of beneficial for eyesight antioxidants-polyphenol and protein. And Niacin protects against Alzheimer's disease. Groundnuts are indispensable for the digestive tract and bones. These properties of peanuts will benefit athletes, the elderly and those who are underweight.
How to fry peanuts
You will need
    • In all ways of roasting the ingredients are minimal – this
    • in the first place
    • peanuts. And the oil
    • salt or water according to your taste
    • depending on the selected recipe.
Peanuts without makevisible damp grain heated in a small fire pan.In 10-15 minutes with vigorous stirring fry the peanuts. Readiness determine the characteristic crackling. Peanuts on the eyes begins to brown.Roasted hot peanuts from the pan into a paper bag and tightly close it. This step is necessary in order to groundnuts retained its taste and not damp.
Salt aragveli you at home want to get salted peanuts, similar to any you purchase in packages, then there are two ways of cooking:Fry peanuts, sprinkled with fine salt on a hot pan. To evenly roasted, do not forget to constantly stir the nuts.Spread raw peanuts in an even layer on a baking sheet, without salt. Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. When the sheet periodically shake it to mix the nuts. After a time pour the contents of the pan into a preheated pan. Pour a little salted water and cook the nuts until, until all the water has evaporated. Determine readiness for cracking nuts, they are behind red husk. After evaporation of all the liquid dry nuts.
Peanuts in scolopacidae peanuts to roast is not difficult, if you follow the instructions.Click the store of quality raw nuts. To do this, pay attention to the fact that the fruits had a clean, intact shell. Shake raw peanut in his ear. If you hear a distinctive sound from the shifting of the nucleoli, so they began to shrink. This product you do not need.Try unshelled peanuts, spread on a baking sheet into an even layer. At this time light to warm the oven.For 20-25 minutes at t = 180 ◦ C, place the pan of peanuts in the oven.
Peanut makeabsolute a different taste, it turns peanut, if it is to fry in butter.Preheat fryer or deep frying pan with peanut oil up to t = 180 ◦C, at the rate of 1.5 Cup butter - 2 cups nuts.Keep the peanuts in hot oil 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.Put the finished nuts on a napkin, letting excess oil to drain.Fine salt, sprinkle roasted peanuts.
Peanuts in microwave speciecity peanuts with the help of a colander, rinse thoroughly with cold water.Salt peanuts at the rate of 0.5 teaspoon of salt in 1 Cup of peanuts.Nuts put in a special container for the microwave oven.Set the timer for 2 minutes at maximum heating mode.Remove the contents of the microwave, stir the nuts and put in microwave oven for 2 minutes.
When using any of the above methods, you should get tasty, evenly roasted peanuts.

Advice 2: How to fry peanuts in microwave

Peanuts in our market there is quite a long time and is one of the most available nuts. Its nutritional and healthy properties known to many. Fried peanuts is a great way to eat, and if you add it to the mixture of fruits and grains, then you can make your own muesli. However, it's not about muesli, and how to roast peanuts in the microwave.
How to fry peanuts in microwave
You will need
    • Microwave oven;
    • peanuts;
    • salt.
No matter how many peanuts you have at the moment, this recipe does not require compliance with accuracy to the gram. Before cooking fried peanuts is primarily to clean the shell (if peanuts are raw), sort and wash. Then you need to put on a towel and allow to dry. In the microwave all cooked in minutes or even seconds. Therefore, roasted peanuts will be ready in a moment, namely, for 3-4 minutes.
Peanuts laid out on a round glass dish for the microwave, you can just on the tray, but it is worth considering that mix will be difficult. Because these nuts in its composition contain bicarbonate of soda when cooking in the microwave they get a little salty, but more salty snacks or just beer and peanuts can be sprinkled with salt in addition. Cover the dish or tray is not needed.
So the peanuts were cooked evenly, it is necessary to stir constantly. For this it is necessary to set timer on 20 seconds. The degree of readiness of peanut can be identified by color, it needs to be dark brown. If you just leave the nuts unattended for 2-3 minutes, you can get burnt on one side nuts. When the peanuts are cooked before use, is to cool it down.
If you do not remove the nuts from heat immediately, and give them so to stand for another ten minutes, they will be even tastier.

Do not apply a lot of nuts, they will take longer fry. Better to spend more time on preparation than trying again to fry all your existing nuts.
Useful advice
Do not rush to take just cooked peanuts with his bare hands, because the nuts are tight, then a long cool down.

The cooled nuts are very well cleaned from the husk. It is enough to RUB them between your palms.

For toasting nuts in the microwave is sufficient for 3-4 minutes on full power.
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