Advice 1: How to cook delicious beef tongue

Among the byproducts of language stands out – the dishes from it are considered a delicacy. But there are people who are not too fond of him, considering that boiled language has several "rubber" consistency. To dissuade such picky language is necessary to prepare correctly.
How to cook delicious beef tongue
You will need
    • beef tongue;
    • carrots 1 piece.
    • onions 1 PC.;
    • parsley root, 1 PC.;
    • celery root 1 PC.;
    • salt;
    • black pepper;
    • coriander;
    • cumin;
    • ginger;
    • Bay leaf.
Rinse tongue with cold running water and place in a saucepan. Don't waste time carefully laundering delicacy. Take a pan low and wide. The language must lie in it, touch the walls.
Boil in kettle of water. Fill the tongue with boiling water. Protein on the surface immediately grasped, and language is very juicy. The kettle will fill with water and put to boil.
Put on fire a pan with a languageom. Once the water comes to a boil, immediately drain it. Together with the water from meals you have removed all of the harmful extractive substances and dirt that were on the rough sandpaper tongue. Again, pour with boiling water and put on fire.
Reduce the heat under the pan to minimum. You can now put the vegetables: peeled onion, carrot, celery and parsley. Close the bowl with a lid and cook for two hours on very low heat. All this time the water should boil almost imperceptibly.
After two hours, put in a pan the spices and salt. The broth should be spicy and well-salted. Another hour and simmer on very low heat.
Cooking with a fork, prick the tongue. If readiness is right, it is easy to stick. Do not turn off the stove. Under cold running water to cool the tongue for two to three minutes.
The skin is chilled the languageand removed easily. Remove it, cutting with a knife in difficult places. Then put it back in the pan. Increase the heat so that the broth is rapidly boiling. After that the burner is completely off and ready to leave language in the broth for 15 minutes.
Delicacy can be cut across the grain and serve cold or hot as a snack or a separate dish. You can prepare the aspic of languageand, or, finely cut, use it in salads.
Useful advice
Serve language grated horseradish or mustard.

The remaining broth is good strain. It is suitable for the preparation of pickle. For other soups, this soup is too spicy and salty taste. Or pour it into ice cube trays, freeze and use for cooking various sauces.

Advice 2 : How to cook beef tongue

How to prepare a delicious boiled beef tongue.
How to cook beef tongue
You will need
    • Beef tongue - 1 kg.
    • Onion - 1pc
    • Bay leaf
    • Roots for the broth
Prepare beef tongue: free from fat, hyoid bone, muscular tissue. Rinse thoroughly language, that would be no more blood and mucus. You can soak the tongue in cold water for 2-3 hours to remove residual blood.
Prepared language put in cold water and simmer OT2 to 4 hours ( this range opredelytsya rigidity of meat). After a half hour of cooking, add the water, salt, sliced carrots and onions. Put the parsley and Bay leaf.
Ready boiled tongues to shift in a bowl with cold water and skin them. Before serving, cut the language along the wide pieces. As a side dish to the language suitable mashed potatoes, green peas. Serve meat sauce, for example, horseradish with vinegar.
To prepare the sauce you will need 300 grams of horseradish root, vinegar 9% -250ml water 450 ml, sugar, salt.

Cleaned and washed horseradish grind in a blender and cover with boiling water. After shit cooled, add the vinegar, salt, sugar and place. All hot sauce to hovaghim language ready. Bon appetit.
According to the same recipe you can prepare and veal pork lamb and even languages.
Useful advice
Store ready language in front of the supply section in the hot broth, unto which they were boiled. If tongues are cooked in advance, then after cleaning the skin, they should be cooled and put into a closed food container and put into the refrigerator.
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