You will need
  • A bottle of peroxide
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bag
  • Tick the first
For the culinary syringe, there are several requirements. It needs to open relatively freely, so you can fill it with cream, jam or whipped cream. At the same time in the lid should be a hole, and the contents must be free to be extruded, that is, the syringe must be soft enough. A bottle of peroxide, which is sold with the hair dye, perfect for a small syringe.
Pour the bleach into another container. Of course, you can take the bottle and after hair coloring, but then it takes a long time and be washed thoroughly. Wash the vial. Cut the tip of the probe as you would when painting hair. Only the diameter of the hole should correspond to the thickness of the line you would like to obtain. The next time you are going to dye your hair, you can take one tip and make a hole in it of a different size.
The syringe can be replaced with a culinary package. The simplest package is made of paper. Take the album sheet and fold it from the bag. Roll the bag tightly, so as not spreading, and the tip of the cut depending on the desired size of the line.
You can do a plastic cooking bag. For this you need folder file. If you have multiple files, choose the one that more tightly. Cut area and fill the file with cream or whipped cream.
You can sew a reusable bag. This is best done from the feather tick, because it is very dense and does not transmit the fine particles. Take a break from it an acute triangle with a height of 35-40 cm and a width of the top of 30-34 cm "nose" define yourself — you want the tube you are going to use, tightly in there and not falling out. Fold and astrocyte the top and bottom, purl stitch at the side seam, remove the bag and insert the straw.