Use durable and reliable materials for sewing slipcovers – it can be both natural fabrics and synthetic. Natural fabrics have many advantages – they are breathable and good moisture, it is not heated and not cooled in warm and cold season. However, covers made of natural fabrics short-lived and frequent use wear out quickly.
Synthetic fabrics offer a wider selection of colors, and have a high durability. While synthetic poorly absorbs moisture, and in hot weather becomes very hot. As a universal material for sewing pouches you can use a durable tapestry fabric with synthetic fibers, and to winter in the car warm, you can make replacement covers in faux fur. Also good materials are leather and suede.
Using transparent greenhouse films or Newspapers remove from car seat patterns, pinned the tape to the seats pins. Draw the contours of the seat with a marker and cut out the pattern, given the allowances for seams at 1 cm from each side. If you sew the cover from a soft fabric, treat it from the inside doubleroom or make a lining of dense synthetics.
If you want to change the shape of the seats, put between the lining and the front part of the case special rollers. You can also make the cover softer, investing between the lining and face separately cut parts from thin foam rubber.
Sostrochite together all the details, and then try to put a cover on the seat and check if he's sitting on it. Don't forget to fix the cover on the seat with a special cover, if available in the vehicle.
Before sewing the cushion cover, make sure the airbags in your car are not installed in the ends of the seat backs. If located in the backside of the airbag, the potential of the disclosure to make the cover sections, and loosely Sametime their cotton threads that easily break in the event the airbags are deployed.