What fabric is suitable for sewing slipcovers

Natural fibers the fabric is quite absorbent. This fabric is not in summer creates a "greenhouse" effect, and in the winter - cold feeling. However, it is more soiled, and after washing can "sit".

In addition, covers made of natural fabrics wear out faster, and their colors are usually not very bright.

Synthetic is a more durable material. However, the shortcomings made from her fabrics include poor absorption of moisture. In addition, this fabric is usually slippery to the touch, which is not too convenient. From a spark it can melt and catch fire. To its significant deficiencies may also include the ability to electrify the friction.

Domestic factories for machines most often used by tapestry, which contains synthetic fibers. Cushion cover, sewn from faux fur, convenient to use in winter, but the summer to go with them are quite hot. Leather interior looks impressive, but cost is such a pleasure not cheap.

Remember that fabrics used for upholstery are not always suitable for car seats. The most practical are the seat covers made of leather and velour.

How to sew car covers

For the pattern to better fit the greenhouse film. If you don't have one, you can use regular newspaper. Attach it to the fabric, secure with pins, draw around it with a marker, cut it out. Be sure to check how symmetrical turned part. If something is wrong, then align and check again, applying the pattern on the car seat. And only after that you can cut. Do not forget to leave a margin one inch to the seams.

If you decide to use a soft material to the new case didn't look baggy, do the following: cut out not only from this fabric, but mattress. Sew two types of material together, wrong side to wrong side. This should leave a small area unsewn. Can be filled with foam, prepared in advance. Armrest and headrest stitch without the foam, true to form, not forgetting to leave a hole. Stretch and sew.

If the lower part of the front seat there is a plastic cover, remove it first. Only after that put the cover and press the pad on its edge. Thus, the tonneau cover will be firmly fixed in the transverse position.

We should not forget about some of the features of the rear seat. The armrest may have a special valve on the zipper. For the car, which backrest can be folded down in pieces, universal cases don't fit.

On some cars at the end of a backrest of the seat are air bags. Worn covers will interfere with the disclosure of side airbags. In this case it is better to clean the seat cover. In the manufacture of covers for such seats in places of departure of the airbag need to make the cuts. Stitches should be of cotton thread - if necessary, they are easily torn.