Gum really freshens breath. The more intense it tastes, the more it disrupts breath. In the case that you ate something particularly flavorful (dishes containing onions, garlic, other strong odors), or smoked a cigarette, then by gum do we reduce the power of smell. If you breath you have without the participation of the aromatic products, the gum will not help here. Check with your dentist, most likely it's gum disease or teeth that need to be treated thoroughly.
How to choose the gum, and the chewing
In the process of chewing the cud occurs increased salivation, stimulates all the processes associated with the digestion of food. This raises several dangers. First, if you chew on an empty stomach, gastric juice released, not finding in the stomach the food, will destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach. In result you can earn as gastritis and more serious disease – gastric ulcer. Second, if you chew gum after every meal, it is possible to accustom the stomach to stimulate the production of gastric juice, then, without this doping, the gastric juice will not be allocated in the proper amount needed for proper digestion of food.
How to choose the gum, and the chewing
Constant chewing of gum can cause a dependence similar to dependence on coffee or cigarettes. The feeling that you lack something, if the mouth will not be a cherished piece of sweet gum. In fact, when a person chews gum, his attention is dissipated and reduced the concentration of focus, which ultimately affects the results of his mental processes. So for the mind and ingenuity cud not help.
How to choose the gum, and the chewing
When buying chewing gum, pay attention to the composition of chewing gum. If the gum contains sugar, its consumption can cause dental caries, so it is better to choose gum that contains.

If the gum contains sweeteners, then note that not all of them are harmless. Officially recognized pests: Aspartame (E951), Acesulfame K (Е950), Cyclamate (Е952), sorbitol. All of these substitutes in different degrees adversely affect the digestion, blood composition, blood vessels.

If the gum contains a dye, especially unnatural colors, it is better to pass by. Pure chemistry, one injury! For children is absolutely contraindicated.

Acquainted with the composition of the details. If chewing gum contain preservatives E102, E129, E171, Е132, E322, Е414 and Е422, then refrain from buying. Also not credible gum, package which contains all the information about the producers, the composition and shelf life. Don't risk buying this product.
How to choose the gum, and the chewing
The duration of the chewing of gum should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Chewing gum absorbs all that is around: the bacteria, microscopic remains of food, mucus, and digestive components of saliva, carcinogens (if you smoke). In fact this is its cleansing effect. All of this accumulates quickly within the gum engaging in intimate contact. If you continue to chew the trash, then go the opposite effect.
How to choose the gum, and the chewing
To summarize.

Use: freshens breath, has a certain cleansing effect on the mouth in the first 10-15 minutes of chewing after a meal.

Harm: has a harmful effect on the stomach, quickly become out of purifier pollutant, may cause psychological dependence with frequent use, may contain preservatives and dyes that are harmful, and the appearance of constantly chewing of the individual in the end gets annoying.