Advice 1: Fish pie sour milk

Fresh milk is not always entirely consumed, and the remains can turn sour. In this case, it is possible to prepare a delicious fish pie. It will take a little time but the result will exceed even the wildest expectations.
Fish pie sour milk

Cake based on sour milk turns light and fluffy. The filling you can choose any main condition that it was unsweetened. Serve the finished dish can both hot and cold.

Take a large bowl, enameled. Pour a liter of sour milk (the liquid can be pre-soaked in warm day). Add one egg, beat with a whisk or with a mixer. Once on the surface of the mixture bubbles appear, stir in 1/2 tsp. of baking soda, and then 2 tbsp of vinegar, stir.

Pour into a bowl 60 ml of vegetable oil, season with salt. Sift the flour through a sieve, and gently stir the dough, add it to liquid. The flour put arbitrarily, focus on the test structure, it should be viscous but not thick. Take a spoon, put inside, wait, then remove and view. If the dough flows down in big drops, more flour is not necessary.

Prepare the stuffing. Can take fresh fish or use canned. Cut the fish into pieces and mix with chopped onion. Grease a baking pan with vegetable oil, pour half of the dough, then put the stuffing, close the other half of the dough, then put in the oven for 1 hour at a temperature of 180oC. When the dish is browned, you can get.

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Advice 2: Quick pie on sour milk

Unfortunately, very often, just bought the milk turns sour. Pour it is a pity, you always want to cook something. Here come to the aid of a quick and easy recipe on the basis of sour milk.
Quick pie on sour milk
You will need
  • - sour milk 1 Cup
  • - eggs 3 pieces
  • - granulated sugar 1 Cup
  • soda teaspoon 1 teaspoon
  • - flour 3 cups
  • - fruits according to your taste
  • - sunflower oil
Eggs mixed with sugar and a good whisk. We must try to sugar as possible dissolved.
In eggs with sugar, add sour milk. Mix everything together until smooth.
Then to this mixture add flour with soda. Baking soda and baking powder before adding into the dough must be well mixed with each other. All mix thoroughly until smooth. The dough consistency should be like thick cream.
The bottom of the prepared form grease with vegetable oil and put it in there cooked fruit. Pour all the dough on our fruit. Fruits you can use absolutely any ( apples, pears, bananas, grapes, peaches, Victoria, currant, cherry). With any berry filling will be delicious.
Send our dish in a preheated to 180 degrees oven. Waiting for 30-35 minutes. Be sure to check the willingness of our dishes.
After cooking you must check it's readiness with a wooden stick, just to stick a stick in the pie. If the stick came out clean, the cake is fully cooked. You can safely remove from the oven.
Useful advice
The oven to heat greater than 180 degrees is not advisable as it is the optimal mode for the gradual lifting of the test.
If the dough put the baking soda, the cake will have a dark color and unpleasant smell and taste.

Advice 3: The curd of sour milk in a slow cooker

Cottage cheese is much healthier that is sold in stores, because it does not contain all kinds of additives, which are composed of most of the proposed options in supermarkets. To prepare the curd at home is a snap, however this procedure is not fast.
The curd of sour milk in a slow cooker
You will need
  • - two quarts of milk;
  • - two tablespoons of sour cream.
Pour sour milk into a glass jar, add two tablespoons of thick cream and stir. Cover with jar lid or a piece of gauze and put in a warm place for about 12 hours (during this time, the sour milk to turn into yogurt).
It is worth noting that the sour cream in the dairy product does not necessarily add, but this greatly accelerates the transformation of milk into yogurt.
As soon as the milk product in the form of curdled milk is obtained, you can proceed directly to its heat treatment. To do this, carefully pour the curdled milk into the bowl of the multicooker, close the lid of the device, then select the "heating" mode for approximately 60 minutes.
If the same way to heat sour milk, the milk will simply curdle.
After some time open the lid multivarki and check the condition of the product: if the serum separated is not enough, then continue heating another 30 minutes, then allow to stand at least one hour.
Take a large enough piece of cheesecloth, fold it over to make at least four layers, lay the cheesecloth in a colander and pour the contents of the bowl multivarki on the gauze. Carefully take the cheesecloth by the edges and hang the bag to drain excess liquid (whey). Healthy and delicious curd in multivarka ready.
Useful advice
To get more dry and crumbly product, you need to wrap the cheese in cheesecloth and put under pressure for 12 hours.
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