You will need
  • Margarita: - 500 g of berries; - 40 ml of juice limetty; - 40 ml brandy; - 40 ml tequila; - 2 tbsp crushed ice. Milk-berry cocktail: -500 g strawberries; - 200 ml of milk; - 1-2 bananas; vanillin. Punch: - 1 kg of grapes; - 25 ml apelsinova liquor; - 1 liter of dry white wine - 1.5 l champagne - ice.
To prepare the strawberry Margarita loop through the berries, rinse well with cold water, take from them the green leaves. Fold the strawberries in a blender or food processor, add juice limetty, in a pulsing mode, grind to puree state. The resulting mass wipe through a fine sieve to remove any remaining intact seeds, add the juice limetty, mix thoroughly. Put the puree in the freezer so it's a little podmesa. Meanwhile, do some design glasses. In a dish pour a little lemon juice in the other and pour the sugar. Dipped alternately inverted glasses in the first and second plates, you will receive on the headbands beautiful sugar frost. Remove the cooled puree, put it in a shaker and add brandy and tequila, shake the cocktail, mix it with crushed ice, pour into glasses and serve immediately to the table.
Milkshake with strawberries and bananas are not only tasty, but also useful for both adults and children. For its preparation chop the bananas and berries in small pieces, add to a tall glass, add a little milk, dip the mixture in a blender, beat until a homogeneous mass. Pour in the remaining milk, stir in vanilla, and again whisk, the drink is ready. Instead of milk can take yogurt or yogurt in the same volume, the result you get a delicious and nutritious drink for Breakfast.
Strawberry punch. From this quantity of products it is possible to prepare a punch for up to 8 people. The process, in General, totally is simple, but you need to start for a few hours, and even better the day before the planned party. Try clean berries, cut each in half, fold in a deep bowl, add all the other ingredients except champagne. Refrigerate until serving. Already on the table dilute the punch with champagne, add ice cubes.