It is believed that the tradition to eat a lemon brandy put Nicholas II, but it is not known what provoked the Emperor to take this step, because the combination of lemon does not allow the drink to open up fully. True connoisseurs of cognac use it without snacks, because the only way to taste the full bouquet of aromas and flavors that accumulate in the "elixir of the gods".

The birthplace of cognac, in France, used by pre-warming drink in hands, in small SIPS, no snacks. A glass of brandy here often accompany a Cup of coffee that you drink in front of brandy and cigar smoke after. This order established the rule of three "C": coffee, cognac, cigar (Cafe, Cognac, Cigare). However, I recommend you to follow this rule only if you plan to drink 50-100 grams of cognac. During the feast for this drink you can pick up more substantial fare.

The French, for example, offer brandy pate, a very good appetizer is the pate of rabbit. Perfect hard cheese. Real foodies eat cognac cheese products (cheese slices dipped in a dish of warmed honey). A good appetizer to cognac can be nuts. From the second course with cognac goes well lean meat (veal) and poultry. Exquisite aroma of the drink will help to assess the seafood. In addition to the traditional oysters and scallops, you can choose as starters salted salmon and red caviar.

Sweet tooth will be thrilled with these snacks: dark chocolate, light grape, and walnut souffle. Washed down with cognac juice of bright grape varieties or mineral water without gas.

Whatever the recommendations of experts in tasting of alcoholic beverages, the choice of snacks for brandy it is, above all, rely on your taste and preferences and habits of your guests.