Preparation of gelatin and its cultivation depends on the desired result and a choice of dishes to which it is applied. Usually for cooking cakes the gelatin is diluted in cream, to obtain a jelly in the fruit juice or syrup for the jelly , the main component is chicken or beef broth. To dissolve dry gelatin mix a tablespoon to a glass of cold boiled water, juice or broth and leave for 40 – 60 minutes for the swelling. The resulting mixture warm over low heat, stirring constantly, until 60 – 80 degrees. Then strain through cheesecloth to eliminate the smallest lumps. Add the remaining ground or that a main component and cool in the refrigerator. The quantitative ratio of gelatin to liquid depends on the desired result. To obtain a "trembling jelly" keep proportion: 20 gr. of gelatin in 1 liter of liquid. If you want to make jelly that can be cut with a knife, use a ratio of 40 – 60 Gy. for 1 liter.
In addition to granulated, there is gelatin in the form of thin, transparent plates. When cooking the required number of plates alternately soak in cold water. Then wring them out and heat on a water bath until dissolved.To determine the correct amount of liquid note that after swelling the mass of gelatin is increased 6 times. One record corresponds to 2 grams. dry gelatin, and from six to approximately one tablespoon.