You will need
    • milk
    • cream
    • bitter and milk chocolate
    • cinnamon
    • vanilla
    • liqueur
    • cocoa powder
    • the yolk
    • sugar
    • potato starch
Hot chocolate with potato starch.
Mix 2 tablespoons of starch in one Cup of cold milk. Pour into a saucepan 4 tbsp. of milk and put on fire. Smash milk 200 g of chocolateand smaller pieces, to quickly melted. Constantly stir the chocolatebut milk mass. When the pieces of chocolateand completely dissolved, pour the dissolved starch. Simmer the hot chocolate, until thickened. Remove from heat and pour into small cups. Serve hot.
Hot chocolate and cream.
Pour into the saucepan 1 Cup of whipping cream (33%). Put them in the pieces of bitter chocolate (100 g), dissolve the chocolate in cream. Add milk to your desired consistency, mix well the resulting chocolateing mass. For those who like sweeter, you can dissolve the milk chocolateinstead of bitter, or add 1 teaspoon of sugar into the hot mass.
Hot chocolate with milk.
Boil in a saucepan 1 tbsp. of milk, smash it one tile of bitter chocolate (100 g) and one bar of milk chocolate (100 g). Stir until chocolate is completely dissolved. Serve hot. Top hot chocolate sprinkle with finely crushed nuts.
Hot chocolate with egg yolk.
Whisk one egg yolk and 1/2 Cup milk. In a saucepan pour in the ½ Cup of cream, cracked tile bitter or milk chocolate (100 g), stirring constantly. When chocolate is melted, pour the egg yolk with milk, mix well and remove from heat. Hot, pour in portion cups.
Boil 500 g of milk. Add the 2 tablespoons of sugar. 3 tbsp cocoa powder dissolve in 1стакана water and pour it to the boiling milk. Stir. Drink hot.