You will need
  • - natural cocoa powder;
  • - milk;
  • - sugar.
Find any suitable for cooking milk dishes. Pour on the bottom the right amount of natural cocoapowder (two tablespoons to one Cup) and sugar (optional, two to three teaspoons per Cup). Thoroughly mix these ingredients, try with a spoon to break all lumps.
Heat the milk and add it to cocoa so that it only covered the powder. Stir this mixture and be careful not to leave lumps. Beat the mixture until then, until the cocoa is completely dissolved. Pour the remaining hot milk and again stir the mass with a spoon.
Now, cocoa with milk need to cook. To do this, bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and allow a few minutes to simmer. During the cooking process stir the cocoa with a spoon reaching the bottom of the tank. It will prevent its adhesion and formation of lumps.
Be careful that the milk does not "run away". If you were thoroughly mixed cocoa in the cooking process, then finished the drink will get thick and tasty.
There is another recipe of this drink. In utensils for cooking, pour a little water, it completely covers the bottom. Bring to the boil and pour water to the milk. In another bowl mix cocoa and sugar.
Add cocoa a little water and thoroughly stir the mixture. Do this until thick and smooth. Mix the milk and cocoa. For this, stirring constantly, pour the fragrant mixture to the milk. The resulting mass boil, reduce heat and leave for about three minutes.
There is a recipe for a more exotic cocoadrink. In a Cup of already prepared drink can add vanilla at the tip of the knife. To get cocoa with whipped cream, pour the drink half Cup. Combine the icing sugar and cream, then one tablespoon of this mass add a Cup.
During the stage of preparation of cocoa, where it is mixed with milk, you can slightly change the recipe of the drink. In one Cup add half a teaspoon of oil of cocoa. This will make the drink even tastier, but high-calorie! In order to give cocoa the aroma of spices, add some pink pepper.