When working on your home computerto put the password input is usually not required. It is useful if you want to restrict access to the computer in the office or other similar room. In this case the password needs to be complicated enough that it was impossible to pick up. In addition, the password is recommended to be changed at least once per month.
To change the password, open "start" - "control Panel" - "user Accounts (Changing passwords and user accounts on this computer)". In the opened window, double-click the desired account, then select "Change password". In the top row, enter the current password, enter new below. In additional row you can enter a hint of it – in case you forget it. The hint will be visible to all, so should not give anyone clear hint of the password. Save the changes by clicking "Change password".
It is possible that the user forgot the password and can not enter the system. You can try to solve the problem by booting in safe mode. For this, when starting the computer hit F8 and select the item "Safe mode". Booting in safe mode, open control panel item "user Accounts", select the account and change the password.
The method described above is suitable if the administrator account has no password or you know it. With the installation of the Windows operating system prompts you to enter a user name, you can change the password to such records. Administrator login the default computer - Administrator.
If the password input dialog when the entrance could be off. Re-open: "start" - "control Panel" - "user Accounts (Changing passwords and user accounts on this computer)". In the opened window click "Change user sign-in" check points "Use the welcome screen" and "Use fast user switching". Click "Application settings".
Don't forget that the password to enter the system gives quite limited protection. The password prevents to load a specific OS, but your files you can always see and copy, booted from a LiveCD in your absence. In addition, the password can be changed using the utility ERD Commander.