Advice 1: How to remove tummy tuck

Smooth, taut midsection is the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve perfect shape and get rid of unsightly deposits, disfiguring the whole silhouette. To remove folds of the stomach have to work harder.
How to remove tummy tuck
Before proceeding to drastic measures and start fighting for a flat stomach, you need to understand the reasons for emerging defects. The fact that the ugly folds on her stomach may have different origins. It can be fat deposits caused by overeating, saggy or stretched abdominal muscles after childbirth skin. In each case, the workarounds will be different.
If folds on the stomach caused by excessive fat deposits, you should begin with the development of proper nutrition and physical exercises. It is important to remember that strict short-term diet will not give the desired effect. Of course, the fat in the waist and belly out faster than other parts of the body, but after a short strict diet, he quickly and recover. It is therefore necessary long a balanced diet without excessive restrictions or abuse.
Absolutely essential to the smooth flat belly is through regular exercise. Without exercise loose abdominal wall muscles begin to SAG and create a bad impression of body fat even when fat in fact almost none. In the case at least easy completeness, the picture is quite ugly. Therefore, strong press – the best prevention of occurrence of folds on the stomach.
Good effect for removing creases of the abdomen gives vacuum massage. It can be done professionally in a beauty parlor, and independently at home. In the second case, you will need a special rubber Bank vacuum massage, which you can buy at the pharmacy. It is important to remember that the stomach area is very sensitive and act on it carefully. It is better to take a few massages from professional therapists, to understand how to act correctly.

Advice 2 : How to remove body fat

A toned and slim body is not only the key to your beauty, but also the guarantee of health, as excess weight and excessive body fat reduce performance, increase fatigue, lower resistance to diseases. If you notice that you have a tendency to obesity, begin to take measures to restore the beauty of your body to regain health and vigor and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. To eliminate fat from the abdomen need to be patient and regularly perform the exercises, and adhere to a proper diet.
How to remove body fat
Physical exercise should be a key element of your weight loss. When you first start to exercise, consult a qualified trainer at the gym, which will make an individual schedule of classes will determine the extent to which you need to complete the exercises and with what intensity you need to attend trainings to effectively get rid of body fat.
In addition, the instructor will help you shape the right diet that will support sports load. Always practice on an empty stomach, not less than three hours after a meal.
If you are not able to do at the gym, buy special magazines with complexes of classes or find video courses with appropriate difficulty and intensity of exercises. Thus, you can train at home.
To get rid of fat in the abdomen, perform twisting of the casing that allow you to work out all the abdominal muscles, and also obliques. Lie on your back and place your hands under your head.
Bend your knees, spread them apart and lift up the shoulders, guiding them to the knees and without lifting your lower back off the floor. Then return to the starting position. To complicate exercise, cross your legs and lift your pelvis as high as possible, hold for three seconds and lower.
To strengthen the obliques will help exercise in which you need to put one foot on the other knee, sending her knee out to the side. Elbow with opposite hand reach to the knee, first the right elbow to the left knee, then left elbow to right knee, changing legs. Do an equal number of repetitions on each leg.
Lying on your back, lift up legs and perekrashivat them like scissors. Perform 15-20 perekrashivaniya 3-5 times in a row.
Provide a sufficient cardio – run, swim, dance, do the exercises to practice breathing, through exercise the muscles are saturated with oxygen.
Apply a firming mask, do a contrast shower and salt baths – this will help to make the skin more beautiful, fresher and more elastic, and also improves blood circulation.
Watch your diet. Exclude from the diet of sweets, fried and smoked foods, reduce the amount of fatty foods and completely eliminate fast food and products made with white flour. Eat more vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, and don't forget the honey, nuts, wholegrain bread, cereals and olive oil. Eat several small meals a day – this will help to balance the ration.
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