Before proceeding to drastic measures and start fighting for a flat stomach, you need to understand the reasons for emerging defects. The fact that the ugly folds on her stomach may have different origins. It can be fat deposits caused by overeating, saggy or stretched abdominal muscles after childbirth skin. In each case, the workarounds will be different.
If folds on the stomach caused by excessive fat deposits, you should begin with the development of proper nutrition and physical exercises. It is important to remember that strict short-term diet will not give the desired effect. Of course, the fat in the waist and belly out faster than other parts of the body, but after a short strict diet, he quickly and recover. It is therefore necessary long a balanced diet without excessive restrictions or abuse.
Absolutely essential to the smooth flat belly is through regular exercise. Without exercise loose abdominal wall muscles begin to SAG and create a bad impression of body fat even when fat in fact almost none. In the case at least easy completeness, the picture is quite ugly. Therefore, strong press – the best prevention of occurrence of folds on the stomach.
Good effect for removing creases of the abdomen gives vacuum massage. It can be done professionally in a beauty parlor, and independently at home. In the second case, you will need a special rubber Bank vacuum massage, which you can buy at the pharmacy. It is important to remember that the stomach area is very sensitive and act on it carefully. It is better to take a few massages from professional therapists, to understand how to act correctly.