Before cooking, fill the dishes with cold water for about 10 minutes (new cookware before the first use, be sure to pour warm water and carefully RUB the inside rough brush). Then drain the water, and the pot, pan or Cup (depending on what you use) will lay the workpiece. Use a variety of fats, water and oil do not have.
Slightly warm gas, electric oven or Russian stove and put it in the filled container, previously tightly closed the lid (some samples you can use in the microwave). Remember that she should not come into contact with the walls. Avoid sharp temperature changes. In no case do not put it in the oven pottery from the refrigerator or freezer, since it can appear as micro and normal cracks.
Gradually warming up, bring the temperature to 225 – 300 °C and cook for 35-55 minutes, depending on which dish you decide to make.
After cooking, wait until the cookware is completely cool. Then gently wash it in warm water, using minimal detergent (do not dry). If the clay has absorbed the smell of food, and he disappeared after the wash, fry it for 10-15 minutes in the oven. If possible, for each type of food (fish, meat, vegetables, etc.) use your utensils.
In any case, do not place containers of clay on the burners, as they can be split into parts, which is unsafe for your health. With the exception of Georgian clay frying pans "ketsi" and Russian "patch" that can be used for frying. However, cooking in them it is necessary very carefully: put on minimal heat and then increase it gradually. Cook at a low heat.