If from the variety of spices you only use pepper, purchase the mill, which is suitable for him. However, there are versatile options where you can still crumble and salt or herbs. In contrast to is only for pepper options, such mills have powerful teeth able to grind different types of spices.
Grinders for pepper also come in manual and electric. In the first case, you do turn the mechanism of the device, forcing the teeth to grind spice. In addition, you can control the amount of the resulting pepper, and the powder is more fine. The best considered models with a double row of teeth that are securely a pea at the bottom that allows you to grind pepper completely. The mill, powered by electricity, there are faster, cheaper in price, but do not allow you to adjust the grind.
Pay attention to the material from which made the device. Cheap fixtures have plastic knives or burrs, which significantly reduces the quality of milling and the duration of their service. Therefore, give preference to models with a mechanism in stainless steel. Well, if the handle of the product and its body is also made of steel or ceramic, not plastic, because such a mill you will use for a very long time. Wooden device look very nice, but absorbs odors and oil, which significantly reduces the time of their application.
If the design of the mill is for you important, pick the product based on the color performance of the entire kitchen and its stylistic decisions. For example, if walls and furniture in black and white, the device is of steel will fit perfectly in this ensemble. But the fans of natural materials on a perfect model, painted wood, or even a rare instance.