You will need
    • 200 g cream 35% (or spray whipped cream);
    • 100 g icing sugar;
    • 100 g cocoa powder;
    • 1 egg white for the icing;
    • 20 g of lemon juice;
    • 100 g of cheese "Philadelphia";
    • fruits and berries for decoration.
The classic way is a decoration of whipped cream. Use them shortly before serving the cake so they don't fell off. The foam spray is not threatened, it added the special clamps.
A great way originally and quickly decorate a cake is to use a stencil and different topping. Purchase a special stencils or cut out of paper of any pattern and apply it to the cake. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if the cake base of dark or cocoa powder if the cake is oiled with light cream or frosting. You can also use poppy seeds, crushed biscuits, nuts.
Protein frosting is perfect for creating inscriptions or intricate patterns. It serves to give the final touches confection. In this frosting, you could add various liqueurs, juices or food coloring to give desired color. Then mix the white with the juice of a lemon or orange, gradually add the powdered sugar and mix thoroughly. Should be smooth, uniform and thick mass. If necessary, add food coloring of the desired color. Due to its consistency, the icing hardens quickly and allows to create different interesting decorations and curls. Draw on a thick piece of paper desired patterns, apply a top culinary translucent paper. With a syringe with a very thin nozzle translucent circle drawings. Wait until frosting dries, and then gently unstick the patterns from the paper. Decorate their surface or sides of the cake.
Interesting spicy flavor will make the cake frosting based cheese. Often used "Philadelphia" cheese, but you can try other creamy unsalted cheese. Mash the cheese with the icing sugar, add a little vanilla and a tablespoon of milk. Easy creamy texture of this frosting fits well and is recommended for cases when you need to cover the cake from all sides. It lends a fresh and pleasant taste. Moreover, this glaze is absolutely not cloying.
Very popular decoration of cakes with fruits and berries. They must be fresh and beautiful. Put beautiful mug sliced kiwi, Mandarin slices or strawberry slices on the surface of the cake ornaments and fill with jelly. Use whipped cream or cream protein. On this basis the fruit or berries are good to stay. You can string them on a toothpick and attach to the cake, laying out a beautiful bouquet.