You will need
    • Recipe 1:
    • Chicken broth;
    • dried swallow's nest - 10 g ;
    • glunat, sodium - 10 g,
    • rice wine - 10 g;
    • ginger - 10 g;
    • salt - 1 g
    • Recipe 2:
    • dried swallow's nest 4 g;
    • chicken fillet - 100 g;
    • rice wine 10 g;
    • egg protein is 1.2 units;
    • glutamat sodium 10 g;
    • salt 1 g
Swallow's nest contains proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine. It is believed that the food, including this cake mix, can rejuvenate the body.
Before cooking the semi-finished handle — remove the pebbles, pen other impurities. Dried swallow's nest, fill with oxide of barium — followed by the alkaline reaction. Then they should be washed periodically changing the water. Rinse in cold and in warm water.
The product is then, pour boiling water and let stand in water for five hours, water change. During this time, the pieces are prefabricated will increase by 8-12 times.
Swollen swallow's nest should be whitish-yellow, gray or reddish gray color, resemble hemisphere. It can be applied in various ways.
Prepare regular chicken broth. Fill rice wine, extract of ginger. Pour into a deep plate or a bowl. Finished the swallow's nest serve separately, spreading the pieces on a small plate.
Cook the minced chicken. Take the fillet and pass it through a meat grinder with fine screen. In minced add egg whites, glutamat sodium and mix well. Prepared swallow's nest press from the water and add the minced chicken.
Mixture mix thoroughly. Ready pour the chicken broth into the pan, bring to a boil. Then lower to his balls from minced meat, and bring to boil again.
During boiling remove the foam, then pour the broth into a bowl or deep soup plate. Broth with meatballs made from swallow's nest is supposed to be transparent, and the meatballs themselves white.