You will need
    • Turkey;
    • butter or oil;
    • dried or fresh herbs;
    • spices;
    • oven;
    • the baking tray;
    • foil.
There is a big difference in the taste of chilled or frozen poultry, if you buy it in the supermarket. Fresh Turkey sold in stores chilled and then let it quietly, but the ice crystals, which lead to the fact that the meat will be slightly land, have already been formed. Same farm turkeys are fatter and can be fed a variety of herbs and grain that will give interesting hints on the palate.
Frozen poultry should be bought for 3-5 days before serving in order to catch it properly defrosted. Proper defrosting is the one that contributes to the development of bacteria. It is best to slowly thaw the bird in the refrigerator. Time defrost – 1 kg of poultry is defrosted about 12 hours. For 4 people enough to cook a small bird, weighing 3-4 kg, for 12 guests it is better to buy the 9 – 10 pound Turkey.
Bad idea the first time to cook a Turkey with stuffing. Due to the shape of the cavity inside the bird stuffing can't prepare evenly, moreover, to that moment when she's really ready, some parts of the Turkey will be overcooked and dry. To cook a stuffed Turkey you need to have already some experience with this bird.
Turkey meat has a fairly restrained taste and aroma, besides it not very juicy. White meat can be cooked much faster dark, and when ready the hips, the breast is completely dry, if not burnt. to avoid this, and to give the bird extra flavor, use one of the four known methods.
Rubbing fragrant oil.The easiest way to make a bird juicier – RUB oil into it. And even better to distribute small pieces of butter under the skin of the Turkey. You can do this with scented oil, mixed with chopped fresh herbs, lemon juice, spices, honey or maple syrup.
Injectidry of syringe, you can enter various aromatic compounds based on vegetable oil or broth directly in poultry. Oil, usually olive, and mixed with lemon or garlic juice or use already flavored with various spices. The broth is heated on a slow fire with herbs or spices – rosemary, thyme, ginger.
Rassadin of the best methods that gives the whole carcass juiciness. Put the bird in a container of water and salt (per 1 liter of water, about 250 g of salt) and will keep in the fridge all night, then rinse the Turkey, Pat dry and RUB with oil or honey with a spicy-aromatic mixture for flavor and a beautiful crust.
Dry Traviata method is similar to the first but instead of butter, RUB the bird in a mixture of salt and various dried herbs. The Turkey will be juicier but will benefit in flavor and texture.You can combine these methods.
The bird is evenly cooked, it is necessary to properly put in a roasting pan. Pull the wings forward and tuck them under the Turkey breast. Tie the legs together. Put the bird in a bowl for roasting breast up. At the bottom of the brazier need to put several peeled carrots, celery and big pieces of onion, add a little water. Cover breast of bird with a piece of foil. Should be removed about an hour until cooked poultry.
Fry the Turkey in the oven at a temperature of 160оС. Bake at the rate of 15-20 per minute for every 0.5 kg of poultry.
When the Turkey is ready, remove it from the oven, cover with foil and leave for 20-40 minutes. This will allow the juices to completely soak the meat, and you cook a delicious sauce.