You will need
  • - marzipan;
  • - frosting;
  • biscuit;
  • - stencils;
  • - edible figures;
  • - plastic figures;
  • - chocolate;
  • - a pastry bag;
  • confectionery topping.
Select a topic that is interesting to your boy. It can be sports, cars, robots, animals, or cartoon characters and movies. Rate your strength – do you know how to sculpt or draw? If so, you can make figures out of marzipan or draw something on the cakee cream. If not, you will have to buy decorations and print stencils.
Prepare the sponge cake. If you have a special shaped form, bake the cake in it. You will just have to cover it with glaze and paint cream. Now you can find baking molds in the form of various animals and cartoon characters. Also, if you can sculpt, you can sculpt a figurine of the finished biscuit, as from clay. Don't be afraid of flaws, they will all be covered with cream or covered with marzipan.
Bake a rectangular cake, if you want to turn it into a football, hockey, basketball or track car. Cover the cake entirely with colored cream or frosting – white, green, yellow. Allow the glaze to harden, smooth cream and apply contrasting markings of the same material. Place on cakee marzipan, or chocolate plastic figures of players, cars.
Cut the cake in half. Partially pull out of the heart cake and fill it with chocolate medals, in the form of money. Cover the cake with cream or icing, turning it into a treasure chest.
Stencil cut-out cakeand a toy car, boat, robot, rocket or plane. Cover with cream or frosting and paint on the model, downloaded from the Internet. You can also make a train with carriages, armed with only a knife and two stencils of engine and trailers. No more difficult transportation to make a cakeand a pirate hat, a dinosaur or a beloved hero of Sponge Bob.
A round cake can easily turn into a soccer ball, just covering it in white and brown chocolate icing. Also it is possible to make the treasure island. Cut the cakeand a bit of biscuit around the edges. Cover the entire surface with blue glaze or cream. Shape a small island and set up in the middle of your sea. Apply the green icing or cream. Red crosses mark the place where there should be treasure. Put plastic or marzipan palm tree. In the ocean put a congratulatory inscription.
Quite simply decorate a cake with a picture of grated chocolate, cocoa or colored topping. It is enough to cover it with icing or cream, cut the stencil and place it on the cake, evenly sprinkle and remove the stencil. You can even make a colored drawing using multiple stencils and painted coconut.
If you have ever done gingerbread houses, then you can try to collect for your boy, interested in knights, a castle. It's not much more complicated. For fans of Harry Potter can be on gingerbread technology to make Hogwarts.