A festive meal is not complete without a climax, and, as a rule, this is the culmination of the cake. Everyday masterpieces" that are "gathering dust" on the shelves of supermarkets, no one is attracted to, for a holiday you need something more interesting. There are many different ways to decorate confectionery products, not only in the production scale, but the scale of the regular meals. One of the most original is the paste.

Mastic is a pastry term, denoting a special plastic paste designed for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cakes and other sweets. Its consistency resembles play-DOH, completely safe and edible, respectively, it is possible to sculpt any figurines and then eating them.

It is comfortable to use, does not crumble, freezes well, "lies" on almost any types of creams. Itself can be both white and different shades, tint it, as a rule, ordinary food coloring or juice natural fruits and vegetables.

What you should know about mastic paste

The choice should be approached thoroughly, as it is half the battle. There are ready-made fondant, which can be immediately applied to the workpiece. But colors ready is no different variety, so many make the fondant right at home.

Home mastic paste can be tinted to any color. It is stored for several weeks in the fridge, but before using the best to give her a little lie down at room temperature.

What kind of mastic is better to use for decorating a cake at home?

Most popular is mastic paste made of marshmallows. Marshmallows, or as they are affectionately known as the confectioners 'mormyshki", sold in any supermarket. It is a small size air marshmallows. Marshmallows melt in the microwave, add powdered sugar, citric acid and, depending on the recipe, some ingredients. Then everything is kneaded like regular dough, in the kneading process it will be seen how the mass acquires a remarkable similarity with the clay becomes soft, elastic and pliable. After 10-15 minutes of kneading of the mass is already possible to sculpt figures.

But experienced Housewives know that to use this method, though very convenient, but too expensive. Lack of funds sometimes leads to new discoveries, this also applies to cooking. Now known dozens of different recipes for plastic paste, the simplest of infant formula or powdered milk. For this we need the following products:

- children's dry mix (suitable for "baby", "Nan", "Nestogen" or any other), instead of the mixture you can use powdered milk;

- lemon juice;

- condensed milk;

- powdered sugar.

This is a fairly economical option, and the consistency is quite elastic and can mold her very comfortable.

Cake decoration with fondant at home – the procedure is not complicated, it is important to have patience, accuracy, after some trials, the decoration will turn into a complex procedure, and the real work of the sculptor.

Figures from the mastic and other decorations

White paste is most often used to cover the finished product, it also serves as background and "field" for future creations. Due to product consistency, you can make absolutely different figures of mastic. At the initial stage it may seem rather laborious and difficult, but with time all will be obtained much faster. The network has a lot of master-classes and technologies of jewelry mastic products.

One fun decorating a kids cake with fondant. Here your imagination is limitless. A great option would be execution of a shaped cake, for example, in the form of cars for a boy or a doll for girls. From the cakes is cut to the desired figure, but then in the course is mastic paste, which is covered with a "skeleton" of other colors to make different ornaments. So can ordinary children's cake decorating figurines of cartoon characters. This cake always bright, catchy, kids will love it.

Beautiful cake decorating with fondant will help a set of simple adaptations. In confectionary shops, indulge in special blades, knives and embossing to work with such a paste. Beginners it can do improvised means. As the alignment of the blade is very well suited conventional construction trowel, the patterns can be done by resorting to the usual kitchen Cutlery: spoons, forks, chopsticks for sushi.

There is nothing difficult in working with the mastic, especially in the age of Internet, where you can find any recipes and any technologies. The most important thing in this business is patience. Decorating confectionery mastic paste is more reminiscent of the work of the sculptor, the occupation is very exciting in itself, but in the end you get these masterpieces. Such Hobbies, by the way, can bring good revenue if you decide to do it professionally.