You will need
  • sports clothes;
  • athletic shoes.
Running stride length for each individual, it must provide the athlete the opportunity relaxation even at the fastest run. On speed does not affect the step length, and the process of repulsion that it will learn to spend a minimum of time.
To maximize the speed run, use the following technique. Place your feet on the track very quickly, but at the same time soft and springy – you need to instantly push off from the support with the greatest possible force.
Bend your elbows at a right angle and move them in the rhythm of movement forward inside, back outside, and it will significantly increase the aerodynamic properties of the body. That is, the amplitude of hand movements have to set the speed of running.
Proper torso. To develop a maximum speed, a little lean forward. Remember that a big slope, though, and enhances repulsion, but still slows down the removal of the swing foot, resulting in reduced speed. The extent of tilting for each individual runner, it depends on body type and fitness level.
Apply the special scheme of training, aimed at developing speed endurance. The most effective method is interval – alternating fast running with rest, which performs the role of slow Jogging or fast walking.
Stretches of fast running can be of varying duration – from sixty to two thousand meters (depending on the preparedness of the athlete). This exercise develops aerobic capacity, causes the body to cope with the oxygen debt, look for energy reserves. In addition, worked through a correct statement of the foot, muscles develop, increasing the frequency and length of the running stride, which in combination leads to an increase in the speed of running.